Makeup Artist Mimi Choi Will Blow Your Mind With Her Wild Optical Illusions

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Makeup Artist Mimi Choi Will Blow Your Mind With Her Wild Optical Illusions

These optical illusions by Mimi Choi will have you questioning everything you ever knew about the power of makeup.

We've seen makeup artists transform themselves into different people and recreate famous paintings on their skin, all through the power of cosmetics. And 31-year-old makeup artist Mimi Choi is taking it even one step further.

While Choi takes on clients for wedding makeovers and simple glam looks, she's definitely most notorious for the crazy cool optical illusions she creates on her face using everyday makeup in a slightly different fashion.



Formerly a school teacher, Choi has been working with makeup for three years now to master her unique craft. Although, in a way, she's definitely still a teacher to her dedicated followers!

And while she does use a paintbrush to perfect her makeovers, there aren't any special effect products or crazy Photoshop edits that get her to the final product. It's all makeup that most of us have already stashed away in our cosmetics bag–she just takes it to an entirely new level.

She told Allure, "When I do illusions now, I draw my inspiration mostly from my surroundings, photography, paintings and emotions. I try not to look at other makeup artist's work too much and challenge myself to produce original, unique work."

That probably explains why we've literally never seen anything like these trippy looks!


These are just a few of the insanely cool collection of illusions Choi has created. Check out her Instagram account (@mimles) and YouTube channel to watch her transform! We seriously cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.