Makeup Artist Nicole Quinn Is Boldly Redefining How We See Lip Art

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Makeup Artist Nicole Quinn Is Boldly Redefining How We See Lip Art

Nicole Quinn has taken some seriously cool risks with her makeup looks, and we are so here for it.

Following styles and new beauty trends is obviously something we can all appreciate, but makeup artist and beauty blogger (and yes, she has an actual blog!) Nicole Quinn is taking matters into her own hands and creating looks and lip art that we've never seen before but we definitely want more of.

Quinn (known as @msquinnface on Instagram) began getting creative with makeup in high school when she and her friends would get ready for concerts. After a few years through a fine arts degree and working as a gallery manager, she has officially returned to the beauty world—and we are so very glad she has.

Make no mistake, though. While her lip art is crazy cool, her skill set doesn't stop there. Her YouTube channel has effortless tutorials featuring everything from heart moles and glitter eyeliner, to tips for healthy hair and nails, and her versatility is proving that this industry is exactly where she is meant to be.

"With lip art I just feel the itch to start drawing ideas, and when that happens I grab a notebook and a pen and start sketching lips and designs on paper," Quinn tells MORE. "There's something about the lines and shapes interacting with each other and the natural curves of the face that I'm always drawn to."


And if her abilities with a brush don't excite you enough, her predictions for some of the year's biggest beauty trends might.

"A lot of people are more comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones and trying more new things than ever before," Quinn tells MORE. "I think you are going to be seeing a ton of very interesting graphic liner, for sure. I also think we will see a lot more people rocking 'unconventional' lip colors in real life. The world is finally appreciating the glory of a navy blue lip and I'm pretty excited about it."

We're totally excited, too. Of course, Quinn is already ahead of the trends, though. Her day-to-day looks lean toward a more classic vibe, but she can't seem to stop herself from adding her own little spin, whether that's a bold lip, some faux freckles, or even a heart-shaped mole, because why not?!

No worries if you're starting with the basics and haven't quite gotten the hang of that winged eyeliner or the proper strobing technique, though. Quinn has your back (or maybe your face?) on that, too, and it turns out there's hope for all of us.

"Practice until your fingers give out! Practice until you fall asleep at your vanity. Practice is everything," she encourages. "I think people get discouraged when their look isn't blended like someone on Instagram or their liner isn't as sharp as someone that they follow. It's frustrating for sure, but mine looked like a bumpy, hot mess for a long time, too. It was a long road to get here."


Not only is she fabulous and totally inspirational, but she's a dog person, too! Check out this super cute pic of her and her BFF/pooch. 

We can't get enough of the edgy vibes that Quinn is bringing to the beauty table, and we adore the risks she's taking to get them. We have a feeling this is just the beginning for her, and we can't wait to see what else is in store!