Makeup Artists Say These Are the Best Makeup Brush Sets to Try

by Taylor Borde and Caroline Harris

Makeup Artists Say These Are the Best Makeup Brush Sets to Try
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It’s no secret: Your makeup is only as good as the brushes in your kit. Using your fingers may work on-the-go, but a sturdy set of brushes is the key to a flawless face whether sculpting the perfect contour or smudging out a smoky eye. Like great liquid liners or long-lasting lipsticks, some brushes are a step above the rest. Treat yourself to a makeup artist brush set — a kit that’s used by the pros for a runway-ready finish.


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We tapped makeup artist experts to tell us what brushes are regulars in their routines so you can master runway makeup trends with pro-approved bristles. Our list of artistic makeup brushes include the expected Sigma and MAC options, but you may be surprised to find EcoTools and Real Techniques also among the best makeup artist brushes. We included many affordable options for looking fabulous while staying on budget, so grab a new makeup artist brush set now to elevate your makeup.


Look pretty and polished as you use the same tools as the experts to perfect your beauty look. It’s important to invest in quality brushes for more precise, even application. Makeup brushes come in so many shapes and sizes. Longer bristles create softer coverage, while shorter bristles deliver fuller application. Look for dense foundation brushes, fluffy powder brushes, and small but dense highlighter brushes. Every beauty toolkit should include a quality blending brush for applying your eyeshadow. It’s also wise to spring for a flat, dense brush for applying your contour.


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As makeup artists will tell you, the brushes you use influence your overall look. The best makeup artist brushes get you the results you want, dodging the pesky problems of cakey powder and streaky foundation. And remember: You’ll want to clean your makeup brushes weekly to prevent breakouts from built-up bacteria.


From MAC makeup brush kits to Amazon brush sets, discover the best makeup brush set to add to your collection.


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Sigma Essential Brush Kit


New Jersey-based makeup artist Mary Lafferty swears by Sigma brushes for everyday makeup. “They are really good quality and, compared to some professional makeup brand brushes, they're a much better price,” she says. “I own the Essential Brush Kit because I needed more essential brushes in my kit. However, it’s a brush kit I would recommend to anyone. I think it has a great variety, and Sigma has very sturdy brushes.”

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Best Makeup Brush Set for Beginners

EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit


Skin expert and esthetician Denise R. Fuller says, “Your makeup is only as good as the tools you are using. Working with a good brush set is key to create the perfect lash line or chiseled cheekbones. The right brush doesn't just make it easier to apply makeup; it allows you to be more precise. There are many makeup brush set choices. Just because a set is expensive doesn't necessary mean it is the best.” She recommends this makeup brush set from EcoTools. It’s vegan, soft yet durable and super affordable for any budget.

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Best Cheap Makeup Brushes

Ready to Roll Brush Set


"I’m a brush fanatic, so I love to buy new brushes all the time. I will definitely be grabbing some of the new Sephora Collection PRO brushes," says David Razzano, one of Sephora's Beauty Directors. Razzano highly recommends the Sephora PRO Shadow Brush #15 and the Sephora PRO Shadow Brush #24 for specific product picks.

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Best Makeup Brush Set for Traveling

Bdellium Golden Triangle 15-Piece Brush Set


Director of Education of Chic Studios School of Makeup Kayti Pillor — who has done makeup for Chrissy Teigen and Kanye West’s Yeezus tour, to name a few — recommends these professional-grade brushes. “There are so many options for Bdellium brush sets, and you can choose the price point that works best for you. Even with the lower price point, quality isn't compromised,” she says. “They have great sets for beauty and also for character makeup like for Halloween purposes. It all depends on your preference, and many different materials are available.”

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Best Makeup Brushes on Amazon

Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection


Danielle Christine, owner and head makeup artist of Dolled by Danielle in New York, uses this Real Techniques set to create a flawless, airbrushed finish. “The Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection is one of my favorites,” she says. “The soft but dense brushes make blending so easy and help me achieve a soft finish for every look — and you can’t beat the price point. They’re very easily accessible at most stores.”

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Best Makeup Brush Set for Blending

Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit


LA-based makeup artist Domenica Matute knows good brows, and it’s all thanks to the Billion Dollar Brows brush set. “It’s the best in the world,” she says. “Why? Because they contour and blend like a dream. They are easy to clean. They are precise, and you can achieve amazing brows. They’re also affordable as well. Even though I'd tried many other brands, I always go back to the BDB set for my own makeup because they're the best!”

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Best Makeup Brush Set for Brows

MAC Advanced Eye Brush Set


"I also cannot live without my MAC eyeshadow blending and liner brushes,” Christine says. “There’s something about the angled liner brush that has no comparison when it comes to precision and sustainability. I’ve washed it 200 times, and it performs like new. Every. Single. Time.”

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Best Makeup Brush Set for Eyes

Artis Elite Mirror Five Brush Set


This oval brush is mainstay in celeb makeup artist Julianne Kaye’s toolkit. “This is hands down my favorite brush for applying foundation,” says Kaye. “I have never had a client not ask me about this brush because it just buffs in the makeup so flawlessly and feels dreamy on the client’s skin.” Though it’s a little pricey, this set is definitely worth the splurge.