Makeup Questions Answered: The Dos & Don’ts of Getting Your Makeup Done

by Ivy Boyd

Makeup Questions Answered: The Dos & Don’ts of Getting Your Makeup Done

If you’re nervous about getting your makeup professionally done for the first time, this piece is for you. We had our favorite working makeup artist weigh in to answer all of your makeup questions before a big appointment. And she has quite a few tips to make it go smoothly. Just follow these simple dos and don’ts to ensure that you’ll leave your appointment with results you love!



Nobody wants to pay for a professional makeup look only to wash it off afterward and redo it. And no makeup artist wants to give a client a look she doesn’t absolutely love. So before you go in for a professional makeup appointment, make sure all of your makeup questions are answered. The more prepared you are as a client, the better prepared your makeup artist will be to get you exactly what you want. Simply follow these dos and don’ts.






  • Bring photos. Even if you can’t find a photo of exactly what you want, a group of photos—or even a whole Pinterest board—gives us a great idea of what you’re attracted to. A variety of photos also allows us to choose looks on women with coloring similar to your own. This ensures the best result.
  • Be specific. Specificity communicates that you know what you want, which eliminates a lot of guesswork on our part. Trust me, your makeup artist won’t think you’re picky.
  • Moisturize beforehand, especially if you have sensitive skin and the skincare routine to match. Of course, we’re happy to apply a moisturizer, too, if necessary. But we know that most women have skincare products that have proven to work on their skin.
  • Communicate what you like but also what you really hate, too. If you’re not a fan of pink tones on your eyes, let us know. Tell us if you’ve had your makeup done before and didn’t like it. Knowing what you don’t like is just as powerful as knowing what you do.
  • Be realistic. There is only so much makeup can accomplish for you. For example, any spot or darkness can be covered by a skilled makeup artist; however, wrinkles can only be minimized, not covered.
  • Consider false lashes. They don’t have to be overly dramatic ones, but a natural pair can add a little thickness and length, which is especially impactful in photos.
  • Wear a button-down shirt so that you won’t smudge any makeup if you plan on changing afterward.





  • Don’t forget to tell a makeup artist if you have liner tattooed on. Believe it or not, people have forgotten to mention this fact, as I’m struggling with eye makeup remover.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you value your makeup artist’s opinion, ask her what she would do for you. Hear her out at least.
  • Don’t wear makeup to your appointment if possible. While it isn’t too big of a deal, it will just take more time and effort making sure it all gets removed before beginning.
  • Don’t feel self-conscious about your skin. An experienced makeup artist has likely seen it all: cystic acne, psoriasis, melasma, etc.. This doesn’t phase us and only encourages us to employ some extra techniques, like color correction and concealing magic. I personally love the challenge.
  • Don’t ask for a Kim Kardashian look but at the same time tell us you want to look natural and not wear lots of makeup. Trust us—it takes a LOT of makeup to look that naturally flawless.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t love the results. We’d much rather have the opportunity to fix it and have you leave happy.



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