Makeup Storage Solutions: Organizing Brushes, Palettes & More!

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Makeup Storage Solutions: Organizing Brushes, Palettes & More!

Every good collection needs proper storage and a method for the madness. Maybe you're like me and you collect makeup. Even if your collection isn't massive, organizing your products will make your daily routine faster and stress free! I have some ideas for ways to organize palettes, brushes, and everything in between!

The key is to shop in unconventional departments. My brush containers are metal candleholders from last year’s Target outdoor section.  I also have some pencil cups from Target's office supplies. My main makeup storage unit is a metal filing cabinet from IKEA called the HELMER and I used a label maker to label each drawer. My tray for everyday products is from the bath accessories section of Target.

Many designated makeup storage devices are made of clear acrylic, which allows you to see the product easily. Unfortunately, it also gets dirty quickly and visually, it looks quite cluttered with all those labels. I prefer my makeup to be concealed and protected from direct sunlight.

The best way to keep makeup hidden and protected is in a drawer system. There are also some desktop drawer systems that may work better for smaller collections.


1. IKEA Helmer 2. Urban Outfitters Industrial Cabinet 3. Bisley 5-Drawer Cabinet 4. IKEA Alex

Brushes can be on display and on hand for easy access. There are a myriad of ways to store and display them in cute and funky ways. Utilize candleholders and pencil cups from office supply stores.


1. Casa Gear Punched Metal Candle Holder 2. Target Bella Lemon Container Candle Artich 3. Pencil Holder Nate Berkus for Target 4. Sonoma Coronado Toothbrush Holder 5. Arabesco Dip Dye Toothbrush Holder

For tools like eyelash curlers, larger palettes, perfume bottles, and anything else pretty, a tiered tray is a chic and feminine way to display them.


1. Threshold Glass and Metal Vanity Tray 2. Pottery Barn 3-Tiered Stand 3. Anthropologie Brass Mirrored Tray 4. Anthropologie Tasseled Jewelry Stand

If you live in a dorm, studio apartment, or share a small living space with others, there are some excellent wall mounted solutions that will maximize your vertical space.


1. Urban Outfitters Over-The Door Tiered Storage Rack 2. Urban Outfitters Carson Multi-Use Shelf 3. Wold Market Copper Wire Spice Rack 4. Umbra Teal Flex Shower Caddy

When choosing accessories for your makeup area, try to pick a color scheme and stick to it. I have items from various stores but they are all white or aqua so it keeps things looking concise.

You don't need to buy an expensive vanity either. My makeup desk is a white MALM desk from IKEA. I have a Target mirror propped up on it and a white leather office chair.

My makeup room is my haven, my happy place, the place I start each day. If possible, create a personal space for yourself where you can enjoy your morning coffee and listen to some music while applying makeup. If it's something you do everyday, find a way to make it enjoyable!

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