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The Correct Way To Apply Lipstick For 6 Different Lip Shapes

You've been putting on your lipstick all wrong. We've got the best beauty tricks to play up your pout!

Lipstick and lip shades can truly make or break an entire look. Unfortunately, with so many different shapes of pouts in the world, it's hard to know what tricks will play yours up. We've gathered tips on how to enhance some of the most common lip shapes, and they are sure to be game-changers.

Don't be afraid to play around with some of these tricks to create a look that best encompasses your beautiful and confident self!

If You Have Small Lips:


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  • Is this you?: Small lips tend to have smaller mouths. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift rock this lip shape.
  • Play them up!: Line your lips all the way around with a soft liner, and blend it for a natural look. After applying the color of choice, add some highlight right above your cupid's bow and in the center of your bottom lip to really plump it up!
  • The perfect shades for you: Bright, shimmery and glossy shades look fantastic on people with smaller lips. Softer hues have a tendency to brighten up your entire face!

If You Have Thin Lips:

  • Is this you?: Lips on the thinner side tend to be slimmer than some of the plumper pouts. Blake Lively, Jennifer Aniston, and Amy Schumer all share this shape!
  • Play them up!: Apply a lip liner just around the outside of your natural lip line and slightly smudge it to make a natural line before applying the shade of your choice.
  • The perfect shades for you: Any shades that shimmer and shine are going to be the way to go for this shape. (Pro tip: By using a darker shade of lipstick on the bottom and a slightly lighter shade on the top and blending them together, you can create a look that will make your lips truly stand out from the crowd!)

If You Have Bottom-Heavy Lips:



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  • Is this you?: This kind of lip shape has a slightly smaller upper lip compared to the bottom one. Emma Watson and Rihanna work the bottom heavy lips!
  • Play them up!: Start by lining around your natural lip line, put a little extra emphasis on the top lip,and then simply filling your lips in with the color of your choice. To finish, add just a dab of nude, matte eyeshadow to the center of your upper lip to really make your look pop!
  • The perfect shades for you: With the right application, almost any shade works with this type of lip shape. Choose one to go with your skin tone, and you'll be ready to pucker up!

If You Have Full Lips:


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  • Is this you?: Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner are two of the most notorious who rock this plump pout.
  • How to play them up: Line all the way around your lips to really make them pop. If you're looking for a more subtle look, try lining ever so slightly inside your natural lip line.
  • The perfect shades for you: If you want to make your lips look thinner, adding a little foundation to your pout or applying a nude-colored shade will do just that. However, there's nothing wrong with rocking what your mama gave you, so trying out a matte shade of your choice with a layer of gloss on top will really make your lips stand out!

If You Have Flat Lips:

  • Is this you?: Lips with a flatter shape have less curves than other shapes. Kirsten Dunst and Kate Hudson are two celebrities who have fabulous flat lip shapes!
  • How to play them up: If you want to create slightly more curves to your lips, try taking a liner around your entire mouth, and really making sure to emphasize the "m" of your top lip when you get there.
  • The perfect shades for you: Nearly any shade looks good on this lip shape, so grab your go-to color, add some glass and you're ready to go!

If You Have Top-Heavy Lips:


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  • Is this you?: Amanda Seyfried, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez all pucker up with top-heavy shapes!
  • How to play them up: Start by lining your entire lip, putting a little extra emphasis on the bottom liner.
  • The perfect shades for you: Try applying a bright shade of lipstick on your bottom lip, followed by a darker shade of the same color on your top. By adding a dab of either white or nude eyeshadow to the center of your lower lip, you'll be able to create an entire fullness to your mouth that will absolutely make your look!
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