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How to Get Kiss-Proof Lipstick

We think choosing between a make-out sesh and a perfectly rouged smile is one choice you shouldn’t have to make—not that there’s really any contest there. Kiss proof lipstick that will last through whatever your date may bring.

In honor of Valentine’s Day and our love of vibrant pouts in general, we talked to Sephora PRO Makeup Artist Jennie Carranza about how you can top off your date-night ensemble with a lipstick look that will last through wining, dining, and whatever comes next.
Prep and Prime
“At Sephora, we believe that beauty begins with healthy, well-nourished skin,” says Jennie. “And that includes the lips!” Before you apply any color, make sure to exfoliate and hydrate, since lipstick will wear longer and truer on healthy, supple skin. Jennie recommends using a scrub like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish to slough off dead cells, and then a hydrating lip balm to keep lips healthy and moisturized.
Create Your Canvas
A lip primer (like Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer) provides a base for lip color to cling to, so it doesn’t rub off as easily and won’t start creasing or feathering. As a pro, Jennie also sometimes uses regular face concealer as a base for lipstick. “By using concealer on the lips,” Jennie says, “You achieve a quick, smooth canvas that will also balance out the shade of your natural lips.” Another bonus of using regular concealer is that your lip color will look exactly like it does in the tube.
Choose Color Wisely
“Matte lipsticks and stains are the longest-lasting products,” says Jennie. They don’t fade as quickly because they contain less moisture than creamy, shiny, or glossy formulations.  
“Usually, deeper, darker shades [of lipstick] are more highly pigmented than lighter shades, so they tend to last longer, too,” she says. To make any lipstick last longer, try applying one coat of lipstick, then dust with a translucent face powder before adding a second coat. The powder will help hold the color in place.
Be Precise
“Apply your lip color with a lip brush for added precision and even color saturation,” Jennie says. She recommends the Sephora Pro Square Retractable Lip Brush #60, which twists back into itself to stay clean in your purse—perfect for touch-ups. Another great way to keep dark colors in place is to line outside your lips with a flesh-colored or clear liner that creates a barrier. We like DuWop Reverse Lipliner.

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