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This Barbie-Inspired Makeup Will Make You Look Stunning

Barbie is the badass who's been a president, astronaut, and vet, so pay homage to her iconic look with this crazy good makeup tutorial.

Barbie has had her share of badass jobs throughout the years — most recently, she's been a doctor, a pilot, an astronaut, and even a president. And she's done it all while still rocking that signature bright pink lipstick.

YouTuber Kandee Johnson created the Barbie look in the most realistic way possible, and it's seriously envy-worthy — yet totally attainable. Follow the steps below to get this uber-glam look at home.

Step 1: Apply Your Fave Base

Use your fingers to apply your typical base coverage. This is also the step where Kandee adds the Barbie-blue colored contacts — and those are TOTALLY optional.

Step 2: Apply Highlighter and Bronzer

Apply highlighter to the T-zone, your inner cheeks, and the cupid's bow on your upper lip. Bring the bronzer down both sides of the bridge of your nose, and blend in the highlighter and bronzer with a beauty blender.

Step 3: Prime The Lids

Start by prepping lids with a white-based primer...

Step 4: Paint The Lids

...Then paint your lids. (Okay, you're not actually painting your lids.) Fill in your crease with a brown liner, and blend with a stiffer shadow brush. Apply a purple shadow over the blended brown, and set it using a fluffy shadow brush.

Step 5: Swipe On The Liner And Stick On The Falsies

Using a black liner pen, swipe the black liner from the inner eye crease, extended into a slight wing just past the outer corner. The thinner the line, the better! Then stick on those falsies.

Step 6: Create The "Barbie" Lashes

With the same brown pencil from the previous step, use a liner brush to extend the brown liner into "faux lashes" on your lower lash line — how very Barbie.

Using the same black liner pen, draw the Barbie upper lashes, extending the line from the upper lash line to just below the brow bone.

Step 7: Ready Those Popping Pink Lips

Start by lining the lip with hot pink, then fill in with the same color. Create the three-dimensional look by applying a white highlighter to the middle of your lower pout and line the outer and inner edges of your lips with a deeper magenta lip pencil. Blend to give the look a natural finish.

Ta-da! Your Barbie-inspired look is good to go!

Maggie Dickman

Maggie is a digital apprentice at Meredith Corporation. When she's not writing trending stories, you'll find her full on blasting One Direction, scanning through her favorite fashion blogs or hitting up any and every concert that passes through her home base of Des Moines.

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