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15 Inspiring Holiday Makeup Looks to Celebrate the Season

Ah, the holidays—a time for food, family, and way too many photographs. Copy these festive holiday makeup looks for picture-perfect winter style.

Navy Eyeliner

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Keiko Lynn has mastered the art of bringing color into classy makeup looks. Navy is a timeless shade that will pair perfectly with shimmery holiday eyes.

Photo: Keiko Lynn

Soft Glow

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Shimmer can feel a little overboard for daytime looks in the real world, but holidays are a time to bend the beauty rules a bit. This sparkling look from MaskCara uses bronzer and highlighter to add a warm glow to otherwise pale winter skin.

Photo: MaskCara

Cranberry Lip

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A deep cranberry color practically screams "Happy Holidays!" This stunning lip look from Makeup and Beauty Blog reminds us of our favorite Christmas condiments—only this looks a lot better on your face.

Photo: Makeup and Beauty Blog

Rose Gold Eyes

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A combination of shimmering eyeshadow and gorgeous rose-gold eyeshadow creates the perfect look for any holiday gathering. Get the full tutorial here.

Natural Makeup

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Shameless Fripperies put together the ideal beauty look for girls who prefer a more subtle effect. This soft, pink-hued palette will look perfect whether for the office Christmas party or your grandma's Thanksgiving dinner.

Photo: Shameless Fripperies

Classic Red Lips

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A timeless red pout with barely-there foundation and a subtle cat-eye is a classic holiday look. Kissable Complexions' flawless look is glamorous without being over the top.

Photo: Kissable Complexions

Silver Cat-Eye

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Keiko Lynn took a basic cat-eye and turned it into the holiday look of our dreams. Trace your lower lash line with an eye-catching silver liquid liner for an instant festive touch.

Photo: Keiko Lynn

Frosty Lip and Eye

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The perfect winter beauty style? Something frosty, and we aren't talking about the snowman. Keep in mind that this look works only for wintertime—overly frosted makeup any other time of year can look like throwback J.Lo. Get the full tutorial here.

Green Eyeshadow

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Dulce Candy masters the art of going green without looking gaudy. This wintergreen look will have everyone pining for you.

Photo: Dulce Candy

Nude Lip, Bold Brow

10 / 15


If you have early morning plans or you're attending a conservative work party, nothing beats a bold eyebrow and nude lip. This look from Mackenzie Renae is effortless holiday makeup inspiration.

Photo: Mackenzie Renae

Orange-Red Lips

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This orange-red lipstick inspiration from Miss Natty's Beauty Diary is a Thanksgiving must-do. What better holiday makeup than a bold lipstick the color of changing leaves?

Photo: Miss Natty's Beauty Diary

Bright Pink Shimmer

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If you'd rather not mess with dark winter colors, consider this tutorial from Makeup Geek your license to be bright and merry. The shimmer keeps it festive and fun, but the colors say "I haven't forgotten better weather."

Photo: Makeup Geek

Purple Lips and Copper Eyes

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If you're over the standard holiday red-lipped look, this trendy purple lip tutorial from Nikkie Tutorials is a great alternative. The copper eye adds a subtle contrast to the daring shade.

Photo: Nikkie Tutorials

Purple and Gold Smokey Eye

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Got night-out plans with your sweetie this holiday season? This gold and purple smokey eye from Beauty Bybel is glamorous and winter-ready.

Photo: Beauty Bybel

Classic Holiday Makeup

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If you'd prefer to stick to the holiday classics, this subtle style from Makeup By Tiffany D is your holiday makeup go-to. It can be worn everywhere from church services to a holiday party.

Photo: Makeup By Tiffany D

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