Male Beauty Vloggers Who Can Teach You Some Sh*t, Girl

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Male Beauty Vloggers Who Can Teach You Some Sh*t, Girl

Male beauty vloggers are taking the world by storm. Here are the ones you need to know about before they get big.

Male beauty vloggers are taking over the industry. From scoring ads with Sephora to starting their own collections, these men are taking what it means to be beautiful to a whole new level. Through their videos they fight gender and beauty stereotypes to show that there are no rules when it comes to makeup. Take a look at the comments section and you'll see that many men are asking for product recommendations and sharing their own favorites, which shows that not only do men care about their skin and how they look, but male beauty is on the cusp of becoming a serious trend. Here are five of our favorite male beauty bloggers and some of their biggest hits on YouTube. Watch them all and get ready to be inspired!

1. Manny MUA

A genius when it comes to mixing feminine and masculine looks, Manny Gutierrez is known for rocking a five o'clock shadow alongside a daring smokey eye. Manny is pretty and he knows it, and we're 100 percent sure he rocks a red lip better than we do. In this video, Manny is showing off some of his favorite drugstore picks for fall, including products by L'Oreal and Maybelline. Another one of our faves is his tutorial about winged eyeliner.

2. Looking for Lewys

This 16-year-old makeup lover (Yes, you read that correctly, he's SIXTEEN) hails from the U.K. and is known for combining drug store faves with high end essentials. Lewys also shows off some of his favorite fashion looks on his site, all of which is make us seriously reconsider what on earth we were doing when we were his age.

3. Jean Francois

Canada's favorite beauty vlogger and makeup artist, Jean Francois, is known for recreating popular celeb looks a la Kim Kardashian. All of his videos are in French and English and he is always up for trying something new. In this video, he shows you how to create Kimmie's famous contour.

4. The Beauty Boy

Oh Jake Jamie. Our favorite U.K. boy next door, he's a beauty vlogger who is a major fan of the no-makeup look. He primarily uses makeup to enhance his natural features, which has gotten him a huge following (including love letters in the form of YouTube comments). In this video, he shows you how to cover up stubborn acne and undereye bags.

5. PatrickStarrr

This list wouldn't be complete without the Queen himself, PatrickStarrr (aka Patrick Simondac). PatrickStarrr is a self taught makeup artist based in Orlando who loves showing the Power of Makeup (see below). In this video, he will show you how makeup can completely change your look. Side note: His nails are definitely better than yours, and his Formula X line of nail polish, part of the #ColorCurator collection, sold out at Sephora almost instantly.

Which of these male beauty mavens inspired you, and is there anyone you think we left off the list? Let us know.