Meet The Beauty Bloggers Behind MAC’s New Beauty Influencer Collaboration

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Meet The Beauty Bloggers Behind MAC’s New Beauty Influencer Collaboration

The first place we go for beauty inspiration? YouTube and Instagram, of course. MAC Cosmetics are giving us the collaboration between beauty guru and beauty brand that we're already dying to get our hands on.

It's no secret that the beauty world has suddenly found itself revolving around the world of the internet. With YouTubers providing us with a wealth of ideas — from Disney-inspired princess makeup tutorials to taking on the industry's hottest trends, like the silicone sponge — it's no surprise that MAC decided to latch on for the ride and bring some beauty influencers on board for their latest collaboration.

What's cooler? The beauty brand is picking badass beauty gurus from all over the world. According to Allure, each beauty guru will be creating their very own MAC lipstick for the campaign. (And we can't wait to get our hands on all 10!)

Allure says the lipsticks will be debuting at the beginning of April, and though the wait seems like forever, we already know it'll be well worth it. While we wait, get to know the influencers you need to know now. You can say you saw it here first.

Gabriel Zamora (United States)

With beauty tutorials on everything from highlighting and easy 10-minute makeup to tips on rocking his beautifully bold blue hair, Gabriel Zamora is clearly the next big thing (with cheekbones that are just as killer as tutorials). He's approachable, and his makeup is always stunning — what more is there to love?

Laura Lee (United States)

Uberly adorable — and always willing to take on the hottest new beauty trends — Laura Lee is the ultimate go-to for figuring out which products are best to try (and which are best to skip).

Fleur DeForce (United Kingdom)

Fleur DeForce is the fashion blogger and vlogger who'll give you the best tips on everything from lipstick and Lush products to heels and home hauls. Check out her channel for tips on how to live pretty all around.

Alessandra Steinherr (United Kingdom)

As if her title of beauty director at Glamour wasn't enough to convince you of her beauty know-how, Steinherr's Instagram should provide all the evidence you need to see that this lady knows makeup.

Samantha Ravndahl (Canada)

This lady's subtle sassiness and ever-relatable beauty hacks are everything we love about the beauty world on YouTube. Her explanations are easy to follow — and we can't even count the number of times we've referred to her eye makeup tutorials for inspo.

Vic Ceridono (Brazil)

We've never lusted over an Instagram as much as we have over Vic Ceridono's. Her travels, foodie pics, and always glowing makeup make us want to hop on a plane to the nearest glamorous destination — and raid this lady's beauty cabinet to nail the foundation game.

Fouz Al Fahad (Middle East)

With hair, style, and eyelash game always on point, beauty guru Fouz Al Fahad is the glam gal that never seems to miss a beat. Look to her for the up-and-coming beauty trends that you haven't tried yet — but totally should.

Enjoy Phoenix (France)


On ne vit qu'une fois, alors souriez et on vous le rendra ♡ #YoutubeBrandcast #Youtube #Brandcast

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Marie is for the beauty gal, who likes to live life on the edge. Not afraid to rock plenty of leather and deep smokey eyes (and take endless pictures of her adorable pup), she embodies the bold, free spirit any 20-something can relate to.

Caroline Daur (Germany)


Loved the hair and make up at today's shooting✨🤗

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This gorgeous gal has style nailed. Her Instagram is home to a wide-range of style and beauty inspiration, and her ability to take a risk — and totally rock it — is a life lesson we can all embrace.

Nikkia Joy (Australia)

Nikkia's channel is filled with all the must-knows that can help get you through any beauty rut. How to stop your foundation from rubbing off your nose? Check. How to make your makeup last all night long? She has you covered. If you want to find a way to solve any beauty debacle, this lady is your go-to.

Whose lipstick are you most excited to see?