Mermaid Eye Makeup Is Making A Huge Splash

by admin

Mermaid Eye Makeup Is Making A Huge Splash

Put down the blacks and browns. Mermaid eye makeup is all about color.

If you've never wanted to be a mermaid, you're lying. (Even Katy Perry is getting in on the mer-life.) And while we might not be able to get you the coveted tail or ability to live underwater, we can help you achieve mermaid eyes that will at least make you the life of any party on land.



The mermaid eye makeup trend is about to make a huge splash this year, and it's easy to see why.

Mermaid eyes are to the smoky eye what strobing is to contouring, so obviously, we're already obsessed. The look uses bright, lively hues or serene pastels (even whites!) in place of dark neutrals, and it's adding some serious color to our lives.

It's totally customizable to your color preference and how dramatic you want it to look, and we won't judge you if you feel like changing your name to Ariel after trying it because honestly, what's not to love?



Ready to try mermaid eye makeup on your own? Check out this tutorial from makeup artist Kelly Nelson to help you get started!



Step 1: Put down a white base for the eyeshadow. It will help the bright colors really pop!



Step 2: Brighten the overall lid even more by patting down a slightly off-white shadow over top of the white base.



Step 3: Choose a medium neutral shade to blend into the crease of your eye. This will be your transition color that will help blend the brighter colors to come.



Step 4: Using a bright, purple shadow, take a small crease brush and blend it into the outer corner of your lid. Keep this shade soft, so it blends nicely with the darker colors later.



Step 5: Next, take a darker color (this tutorial uses a gorgeous blue!) on top of the previous shade and apply it to the outside "V" of your eye. Follow with a fluffy blending brush to blend the partial look together.



Step 6: Go back in with your original purple eyeshadow to darken the crease and dramatize the look.



Step 7: Apply mascara and eyeliner as normal. If you're really looking to bump up the intensity, go for a winged-eyeliner or add some false lashes!



Step 8: Smudge the blue shade you used previously on the outer portion of your lower lash line. Using a slightly lighter shade of blue, apply it to the inner portion of the lower lash line. Using a clean pencil brush, blend the two colors outward.



Step 9: To finish off the look, tight line your upper and lower lash lines with a black eyeliner, and apply the rest of your makeup as normal!



Check out Kelly's full tutorial, and head to her channel for more makeup and mermaid inspo!