Milk Makeup Is Expanding Its Kush Collection With A Mysterious New Product

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Milk Makeup Is Expanding Its Kush Collection With A Mysterious New Product

Adding to the CBD-infused collection currently including the Kush Mascara, Milk Makeup reveals its newest kush beauty product, Kush Brow, with a mysterious Instagram post, and fans are going wild.

UPDATED 6/25/2018

The wait is over! On June 22, Milk Makeup dropped the smoke screen on its newest hemp-derived addition: Kush Brow.


DO SOMETHING DOPE FOR YOUR BROWS. Meet #kushbrow – our hemp-derived, CBD-infused cannabis oil is back for another hit!👌🏽 – 1️⃣Kush Fiber Brow Gel fills, thickens & defines brows with heart-shaped fibers 2️⃣Kush Clear Brow Gel tames & sets brows without stiffness. Need another hit? 👇🏽 – 🖤 KUSH FIBER BROW GEL – $18 (3 neutral shades: Haze, Dutch, Grind) 💨HEART-SHAPED FIBERS: tinted heart-shaped fibers create full & thicc brows 💨NATURALLY LIT: hemp-derived, CBD-infused cannabis oil conditions brow hairs + locks fibers into place 💨TAPERED TREE BRUSH: dense, firm bristles evenly deposits brow gel – 🖤 KUSH CLEAR BROW GEL – $18 💨GROOM IT: invisible gel tames and sets brow hair for an all-day hold (alcohol-free!) 💨NATURALLY LIT: hemp-derived, CBD-infused cannabis oil conditions + won't cause flaking or stiffness 💨SET IT: use alone to shape your natural brows, or layer over a brow pencil – We wanted our #MilkMakeup Mob to get the first hit so saddle up — we're having a ⚡️F L A S H  S A L E⚡️ right now — exclusively available through the link in our IG bio. EDIT: Congrats to anyone who got it — we’re officially sold out (for now). See ya on 6/26 💚 – Wanna see it in action? Hit up our IGTV now! 📺 – Time to get faded. #kushbrow officially drops 6/26 on sephora.com & milkmakeup.com. Will be in @sephora stores on 7/6!

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The tinted brow gel joins the ranks of the collection's first release, Kush Mascara, with CBD-infused, heart-shaped fibers that condition while keeping your brows in place. The creamy gel covers most of the brow spectrum (sorry, red heads), giving blonde, brown, and black-haired babes thicc brows for hours on end.

You can make your dreams of dope brows a reality on June 26 when Kush Fiber Brow Gel launches on sephora.com and milkmakeup.com for $18 in three neutral shades, Haze, Dutch, and Grind. It will also be available in Sephora stores on July 6 if you are willing to face the masses for this dope drop.

Following the hyped-up release of the iconic Kush Mascara on April 20 (don’t worry, it’s back in stock), Milk Makeup is making stoners and beauty lovers hold their breath once again with a mysterious new addition to the CBD-infused Kush collection.

So far, the Kush collection consists of the High Volume Mascara in full and travel size, so you can have that good good wherever you are, and a few quirky pins and stickers because why not? Not only is cannabis oil (the namesake ingredient in this collection) a conditioning alternative to the commonly used beeswax, but the website also boasts that it’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, and completely vegan. Now that’s pretty dope.

But apparently Milk doesn’t want to wait until the next stoner holiday to launch its sophomore Kush beauty product. The brand took to Instagram to announce more weed-themed goodies. “Puff puff baby, the next kush is coming—and it’s gonna blow you away,” the brand captioned the latest teaser.

We’re still a little foggy on all the details, but fans are going crazy nonetheless picking apart the cryptic post. Guesses range between face mists, lip oils, blotting papers, and vape pen-shaped eyeliners. It seems nothing is off limits in the comments section.

With all of the excitement, Milk is giving 25 fans a chance to try the mysterious new product with an Instagram giveaway. To enter, just follow @milkmakeup, give your best guess of the next big kush, and tag the brand.

We may not know much, but we do know that this is going to be one dope release. Check back for more updates to Milk Makeup’s Kush Collection.