Sephora and Moschino Are Teaming Up for a Back to School-Themed Makeup Collection

by Daniela Galvez

Sephora and Moschino Are Teaming Up for a Back to School-Themed Makeup Collection

From laptop-inspired makeup palettes to Sharpie-like eyeliner pens, Moschino joined forces with Sephora to launch a collection inspired by your favorite back to school supplies.

Don’t be alarmed if you suddenly start seeing people applying their foundation with erasers and winged liner with a Sharpie. Moschino has teamed up with Sephora to transform back to school supplies into beauty essentials that you’ll want to add to your beauty arsenal — even if your recess days are long gone.

Although you may recall Moschino teamed up with the beauty retailer in the past for a teddy bear-themed collection, this time around the Moschino + Sephora collaboration has a fresh take on schooltime classics with eight unique pieces, including a laptop eyeshadow palette, eraser beauty sponges, pencil brushes, a Sharpie eyeliner, highlighter liquid lipstick and (well) highlighters, and White Out-inspired nail polish.


While the entire collection makes us feel nostalgic of the days when we would check off everything from our back-to-school list, one specific product that caught our attention is the set complexion highlighters. Housed in packaging that is reminiscent to the neon marker highlighters we kept in our pencil cases, this trio come with three different shades that give you that instant luminosity you crave in your complexion. Of course, because we’re talking about the highlighters, we also have to spotlight their cheeky names: Control, Alt, and, Delete. (Pretty cool, huh?)

Now let’s talk about price. The collection ranges from $8 to $60, with the throwback teddy bear sheet mask on the low end and the laptop palette on the high end. While $60 might sound a bit pricey for an eyeshadow palette, compared to the Urban Decay Naked that only has 12 shadows and retails for $54, this bad boy is a steal with 30 different shades to create countless looks.

Are you ready to strut the high school hallways (or in our case the office) with a new makeup look? Thankfully, you won’t have to wait to get your hands on these new office supply-inspired goodies. The entire collection hits Sephora.com starting today, April 25 at 12 p.m. ET. We have a strong hunch the Moschino + Sephora collection will sell out fast, so scroll through and start adding your favorites to the cart before it’s too late.


Get It! MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Laptop Palette, $60


Get It! MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Liquid Markers Lip Set, $34


Get It! MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Pencil Brush Set, $58


Get It! MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Highlighter Cheek Set, $36


Get It! MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Eraser Sponges, $20



Get It! MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Marker Eyeliner, $18


Get It! MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Liquid Polish, $12


Get It! MOSCHINO + SEPHORA Toy Honey Mask, $8