Natural-Looking Makeup to Enhance Your Born-with-It Beauty

by Alyssa Edwards

Natural-Looking Makeup to Enhance Your Born-with-It Beauty

The whole point of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty and features. Natural-looking makeup is one of the easiest makeup looks to achieve and gives that effortlessly chic look! Get ready in less than 5 minutes with this natural-looking makeup tutorial.


Natural-Looking Makeup


When I was a girl, my mom taught me to apply just enough makeup to enhance my natural beauty. Of course, I went through an experimental, dark-eyeliner-and-way-too-much-bronzer phase, but I now stick with the “no makeup” makeup look. Natural-looking makeup is not only quick but also makes it super-easy to achieve an effortlessly chic face!


Natural-Looking Makeup Tutorial


1. Start with your favorite BB Cream. Not only does BB Cream even out skin tone, it has SPF in it and feels like you aren’t wearing anything! Next, apply a light dust of mineral powder to seal in the BB Cream and cover any blemishes.


2. Slightly contour with a non-shimmer bronzer right below your cheek bones.


Natural-Looking Makeup Tutorial


3. Apply a highlighter on top of the cheek bone.


4. Apply a light shade of blush for a natural flushed look.


Natural-Looking Makeup Tutorial


5. Take a darker brown eyeshadow, and apply on the top and lower lash lines. Smudge with the brush to create smokiness. I am wearing eyelash extensions, but you can apply a light coat of mascara to top lashes if desired.


6. Line lips with a nude liner and fill in. Finish with a lipstick close to your natural lip color to complete the look.


Now that I am older, I am finally taking my mom’s wise advice to heart, with this “no makeup” makeup look. BeYOUtiful!


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