A New ASOS Makeup Line Is Coming, And It’s Super Budget-Friendly

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A New ASOS Makeup Line Is Coming, And It’s Super Budget-Friendly

Stop what you’re doing and check out ASOS’s upcoming makeup line. Oh, and did we mention that everything is under $20?

ASOS has forever been our favorite one-stop shop for all things fashionable and trendy, from clothes to shoes to beauty products—it really does have it all. Or so we thought it did.

The U.K.-based fashion megasite, ASOS, is launching its very own line of makeup products—something we never knew we needed until now, and we’re clearing out our makeup bags to make room for the launch of the century.

To make this news even sweeter, the line is going to be completely budget-friendly, with all products priced at $20 or less.

Yes, it’s okay to freak out now.

From mascaras, to lipsticks, to liners, ASOS has always sold a multitude of items from our other beloved beauty brands, such as The Ordinary, Nars and NYX, but until now, it hasn’t had a line of products with its namesake attached.

Now, ASOS’s own makeup line will feature 16 products and 46 shades, including lipstick, lip pencils, eye pencils, liquid liner, highlighting sticks, blush, bronzers—basically everything you could need or want.

Bottom line: We are positive that it’s about to become one of our new favorite makeup brands.

Oh, and did we mention the absolutely precious millennial-pink packaging that it comes in? Our Instagram posts and stories have no idea what’s coming.

Fresh after just recently renaming the “Beauty” section of its website to a more gender-neutral “Face + Body,” ASOS is making major moves to honor all different skin types and skin tones. In addition to simply recognizing the importance of diversity, the models ASOS cast for its inaugural campaign are just as vibrant as the products. We love that ASOS is one of the few retailers where its models—and even its hand models—feel representative. From curvy to petite lines, and the brand’s recent decision not to airbrush stretch marks off of a bikini model, we are loving the new direction this company is so boldly going in. So, in an effort to stay on message with the rest of the site, the beauty campaign's imagery centers around self-expression and inclusion in size, skin tone, and gender. This new makeup line is the cherry on top to ASOS’s ultimate beauty reign.

The company is asking makeup lovers to follow its promotional journey with the official campaign tag, #ASOSGoPlay, and to tag your own photos along the way. ASOS’s brand-new beauty line will drop September 20, we are counting down the days until we can get our hands on everything.

UPDATE: You can now shop ASOS makeup right on the site! Check out some of our picks for favorites in the new ASOS Design brand.

asos makeup black eyeliner

Get it: ASOS DESIGN Makeup Eye Liner Twist Up Pencil – Pushy, $8

Get it: ASOS DESIGN Makeup Chubby Highlighter Stick – Tenacious, $14.50

Get it: ASOS DESIGN Makeup Eyeshadow Palette – Devoted, $19