This New Beauty Tool Will Make You A Total Winged Eyeliner Pro

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This New Beauty Tool Will Make You A Total Winged Eyeliner Pro

"The Vamp Stamp" is going to become your BFF when it comes to applying eyeliner.

There are various stages to perfecting the cat eye and winged eyeliner looks. You've got the "Ignorance Is Bliss" stage, where you've never even attempted because you're positive that doing so would result in a blow to your self-confidence. There's also the "Terrified To Try Again" phase, where you've bitten the bullet once or twice and had to completely start over on your eye makeup because it was a 'cat'-astrophe. (lol #SNS).

However, after a lot of practice (and makeup remover) you might have evolved into the expert level of the feline look — though it's still not uncommon for you to be late to everything because of your efforts to perfect that symmetrical flick.

But now, thanks to a new tool called "The Vamp Stamp," we're all about to be able to graduate into the cat eye expert level while never being late to anything ever again. (OK, well you at least won't be able to blame it on your winged eyeliner).

The new and life-changing beauty tool will be a double-sided, v-shaped stamp, making it possible for both smaller- and larger-sized eyes to achieve the press-on cat eye in literally a matter of seconds.

Check it out in action and be amazed:

Seriously, it's THAT easy. Here's another (Don't blink or you might miss it!):


Another day, another wing

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And one more for the road (because WOW this is big):


Even our fashionista friends love a little glam before work 😉 #thevampstamp #wingedeyeliner

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However, you'll still have to work on mastering the winged look for the time being. The brand's Instagram says that the product will be out soon, but no definite release date has been announced yet. Until then, feel free to stalk their Insta and rewatch these clips to remind yourself that the best cat eye days are still to come!