New Harry Potter Makeup Wands Will Make You A Contouring Wizard

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New Harry Potter Makeup Wands Will Make You A Contouring Wizard

A brand new cosmetics company is introducing wand-shaped makeup brushes after our favorite boy wizard, and they're everything we've ever imagined.

Attention all Harry Potter fans (ahem, fanatics), the wizarding world is once again smiling down on us! Brand new company Storybook Cosmetics is blessing our makeup bags (and our complexions) with magic, wand-shaped makeup brushes and fandom inspired eyeshadow palettes! Sure, we might be a bunch of muggles, but we'll be applying our makeup so perfectly that it might as well be magic. And want some even more magical news? The wands are now available to be pre-ordered from Storybook Cosmetics website and can be shipped worldwide! 


SURPRISE! After a year in the making, we have our FIRST product coming!!! Keep an eye on this page in the coming weeks!

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Let's all be honest here: The Potterhead life is truly a rollercoaster of emotions (i.e. it closely resembles a first year in their first flying broomstick lesson). Even just the past few weeks have mercilessly played with our heartstrings. For one, we finally get the long-awaited Patronus quiz… only to find out that our patronus is a stoat (whatever that is). Then we are told that there are some seriously gorgeous Harry Potter eye palettes somewhere in the world… only to learn that they aren't actually real (still dreaming, though). Days later, we catch wind that, while not the eye palettes we were hoping for, there really is some Hogwarts magic-inspired makeup that we can get our muggle hands on. And now, once again, things are looking up — and we don't mean just to put on eyeliner. We can't wait to get our Wizard Wands, and luckily the eyeshadow palettes ("storybooks") will be following closely behind!

Storybook Cosmetics is a business that creates their products based off of famous tales. The Omaha, Nebraska-based company is the product of identical triplets Mandy, Missy, and Erin Maynard, who also happen to run The Geeky Cauldron, a fandom site for all things HP related. So of course, it's only appropriate that their first product is a perfect tribute to one of their favorite series. 

"The concept behind Storybook Cosmetics was a natural combination of the two things we love the most: books and makeup," Erin Maynard told MORE. "We've been talking for a while about the need for a cosmetics company to tap into the exploding "geek culture" and finally one day, we decided to be the ones to do it! Our goal with Storybook Cosmetics is to become the go-to cosmetics company for fan girls of all types!"

The siblings also run two other geeked-out Instagrams, @TheSorcerersPhone and @HalfbloodPrints. Copyrights pending, the sisters have even shown some sketches of a possible Burn Book eyeshadow palette from Mean Girls. (Seriously, is there any possible way we can be BFFs with these ladies?)

Erin Maynard described the new company as a "passion project" that the triplets have been working on for years.

"As fans of all things sparkly, magical and mystical it was a logical next step to crossover our fandom businesses into cosmetics!"

We owe a huge thanks to the Maynard triplets, because even though we might still shamelessly pout about not ever getting our Hogwarts letters in the mail, at least we can look absolutely fabulous (and wizard-like) doing it!