New Muslim CoverGirl Nura Afia Is A Serious Representation Win

by admin

New Muslim CoverGirl Nura Afia Is A Serious Representation Win

CoverGirl's got a new easy, breezy, and beautiful ambassador, and she proudly rocks her hijab in all her beauty tutorials.

CoverGirl's been making huge headlines lately and for some beautiful reasons. After recently announcing James Charles as the brand's first male brand ambassador, CoverGirl just unveiled its latest ambassador: Muslim beauty blogger Nura Afia.


Aside from her jaw-dropping beauty skills, what's especially notable about Afia is her strong support of the traditional hijab; she wears one in almost every picture and video tutorial she posts. Afia doesn't shy away from daring beauty looks and trends, but she always dons her hijab regardless of how bold or subtle her makeup ends up being.


If we had to describe Afia in one word, flawless immediately comes to mind. Afia's YouTube makeup tutorials are easy to follow, (and completely mesmerizing), and even include videos on how to style a hijab.

Afia's refreshing role in CoverGirl's new Lash Equality campaign is a huge step forward for beauty equality and inclusion. CoverGirl's push to represent both men and women in a traditionally one-sided beauty industry is a welcome change for consumers and a huge win for equal representation in the media. And as far as we're concerned, there's nothing more beautiful than that.