Night-Out Makeup: Tips for Evening Glamour

by Lisa Kovalovich

Night-Out Makeup: Tips for Evening Glamour

Got big plans tonight? With a few makeup tricks, you can turn your everyday look into evening-appropriate style. Up your glamour quotient with these 10 simple techniques. Here’s how:


1. Try wet liner.



Traditional liquid liner is messy and difficult to apply. For the same dramatic effect without the mess, wet an eyeliner brush, dip it into black or charcoal shadow, and apply along your lashlines.


2. Add sparkle.



A sweep of shimmery face powder on cheekbones adds a glamorous glow to skin.


3. Wear bright blush.



While a subdued shade may be your best bet for daytime, try a punched-up version for night. Applied lightly, even the most intense shade will look pretty.


4. Add false lashes.



Single lashes (not strips of full lashes) can be applied wherever you want some drama—try the outer corners of your eyes.


5. Don’t re-manicure.



If you want to wear a deep polish for evening, there’s no need to remove what you’re already wearing. Simply paint over it! Your existing color will act as a base coat.


6. Wear gold gloss.



Even the most demure lipstick shade gets interesting with a bit of gold gloss. Dot some in the middle of your bottom lip, on top of your lipstick, then rub lips together to blend.


7. Open up your eyes.



To give eyes a wide-awake, sexy look, apply shimmery white shadow or pencil around their inner corners.


8. Use a lip brush.



If you’re going to wear a deep or very bright lip color, use a lip brush to apply for precision. (Nothing looks less glamorous than sloppy, smeared lipstick.)


9. Skip powder.



While matte skin is professional and great for day, it can look chalky and lifeless in dim evening light. After you apply foundation, skip powder. Your skin’s natural oils—and radiance—will shine through.


10. Top nails with glitter.



Most nail color lines offer clear polish infused with glitter. Paint over polished or bare nails for a sparkly effect.