The OG Naked Palette Is Retiring—Get Yours Now For $27 Before It’s Gone For Good

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The OG Naked Palette Is Retiring—Get Yours Now For $27 Before It’s Gone For Good

Urban Decay is saying goodbye to its very first Naked Palette with an exclusive sale. So grab you credit cards, and restock your supply while you still can.

It's the palette that began an eyeshadow revolution, causing tons to copy the mastermind formula behind everyday neutrals. We're talking about none other than the original, velvet-clad Urban Decay Naked Palette.

After eight years of reigning supreme on the eyeshadow market, Urban Decay has decided to retire its iconic eyeshadow palette, a move that will stun anyone who is slightly beauty-informed. (Excuse us as we hold back tears, praying our waterproof mascara is true to its name.) 

Paying its respects, Urban Decay released a heartfelt obituary (star-studded funeral following) for the award-winning palette. "Today, the beauty world mourns Urban Decay’s beloved Naked Palette, the product that revolutionized neutral eyeshadows," the press release reads. "A little bit naughty, often dramatic, and always in the press, the innovative game-changer and category creator will be laid to rest after eight years, without a smudge of regret. Passionate Naked collectors—and pretty much anyone with eyes—will remember Naked as the beauty product that changed their lids forever. It was beautiful and mythical and millions of superfans, from misfits to moms to models, will miss Naked from Virgin to Gunmetal."

Urban Decay founding partner Wende Zomnir gets emotional looking back at her brainchild's legacy. "Saying goodbye to Naked is extremely bittersweet,” Zomnir says. “It was a big moment in our history. It’s a little painful to leave your past behind, but it’s also essential to always evolve. I will forever miss Naked, but we plan to turn the grief into even more greatness. Urban Decay will continue to thrive in Naked's memory and honor—just wait and see.”

Before it's laid to rest, you're probably wondering how you can restock your Naked Palettes before they're gone for good. With your champagne-swept lids in mind, Urban Decay is having a major sale—all Naked Palettes are half their original $54. That's $27 for those of you that don't want to do the math!

If you haven't already, grab your credit card and some tissues and head over to Sephora.com ASAP. (It's already sold out on Urban Decay!)

Urban Decay Naked Palette

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