Old-School Beauty Products We Swear By

by Ivy Boyd

Old-School Beauty Products We Swear By

Sometimes Grandma knows best, especially when it comes to beauty products! There are some oldies that hold a certain nostalgia for me: the way they smell, the way the packaging feels in your hand, the memories of watching my mother and grandmother apply them. It’s a bit of magic. More importantly, some of those throwback products have stood the test of time, beautifying faces for decades. Check out a few of my favorite old-school beauty products.



A Timeless Red





My grandma Nancy and her 13—yes, 13!—sisters all wore either Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in the classic blue-based red Cherries in the Snow or the slightly warmer Love That Red. I vividly remember the tube in her purse, right next to her Freedent gum. I love that Revlon has kept these classic reds for those times when I’m missing my grandma and want to re-create her red lip!




A Better Bar




The smell of Dove Moisturizing Bar Soap transports me back to my childhood when my mom taught me that it’s the simplest, most gentle way to remove makeup.




Airspun Powder





The word “airspun” always conjured up images of clouds and cotton candy to me. I wasn’t really allowed to touch this powder when I was little because it made such a mess for little hands, but I loved to open it and smell it. Coty Airspun Powder is still a reliable loose-setting powder to this very day and comes in both translucent and colored versions.




Rolling Retro




Both Mom and Grandma knew how fab hot rollers were. Today, I’m a fan, too. My hair is thick, and there’s a lot of it, so using a curling iron takes for freakin’ ever. Hot rollers are the easiest and fastest way for me to get big bouncy waves. Plus, I can look retro glam while wearing them and multitask too!




Cold Cream




When you need to break down serious makeup, this Pond’s Cold Cream will cut through it all! My grandma used this and swore by it. It does contain mineral oil, so I recommend using it for makeup removal only because mineral oil can potentially clog pores.




Great Lash Made Better





The pink-and-green tube could be found in makeup bags back in the 1970s, and it shows no signs of stopping now! One noteworthy improvement: I love that Maybelline Great Lash has so smartly redesigned the original brush.




Dry Skin Therapy




With humble beginnings in 1872, Vaseline’s petroleum jelly is a household name. It has myriad uses, from eye makeup removal and cleanup, setting brows into place, hydrating lips and cuticles, and countless others! I love that Vaseline is keeping with the times and released a rose-tinted, scented version for those of us who like to sport it on our lips for a natural look!




That Gold Can




It’s the golden can seen backstage at fashion shows and in the front of women’s beauty cabinets. L’Oreal’s Elnett Satin Hairspray is a mainstay for protecting hair from humidity and giving a healthy shine while locking your style into place.




85 Years Young!




Its little cobalt tin is iconic, and its ability to richly hydrate is unmatched. Unveiled in the 1930s by a German pharmacist, Nivea Creme moisturizes the driest of skin. I especially like it for prepping seriously chapped noses and cheeks before makeup come wintertime.




The New Olay




Olay actually started as Oil of Olay in South Africa in 1949. (Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer was one of the very first moisturizers I ever used.) Since then, oil has been dropped from the name and the brand has evolved into my mom’s personal fave Regenerist line and the newer Fresh Effects line geared to younger customers.