One Makeup Artist Is Making It Cool To Color Outside The Lines

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One Makeup Artist Is Making It Cool To Color Outside The Lines

Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty is taking her looks beyond the normal boundaries, and it's paying off. 

Makeup artists and beauty bloggers all tend to be incredibly talented in their own unique ways. But while most of them take the canvas they're given and work within the lines, makeup artist Vlada Haggerty has taken it upon herself to push the cosmetic boundaries — literally.

Haggerty, who was born in Ukraine and currently resides in LA, has worked with CoverGirl, Maybelline, NYX, Smashbox Cosmetics and so many more to create some of her stunning makeovers, and it's easy to see why as she goes against everything our elementary school art teacher tried to instill in us. (It's okay, though; we were never very good anyway!)




Not only has Haggerty made the news for her unique looks, but she has also been in headlines as of recent for threatening to sue Kylie Jenner. Jenner's Lip Kit broke the internet when it was released, except it wasn't the product itself that got Haggerty's attention: it was the eerily-similar looking photos that came with it.

Jenner's PR team also released a photo to their Instagram of dripping, metallic rose gold lips, causing many of her followers to assume that it would be her next lip color. However, Haggerty called out the alleged appropriation of her own work almost immediately, even bringing it to the attention of her followers.  

Haggerty has spoken out in regard to this sort of thing happening to several of her friends from the Kardashian squad, too. So, while we might never know all of the details between Vlada and the Kardashians, and pulling someone else's work off as your own is never okay, we can't help but wish we had her talents and had thought of these designs, too! Check out Vlada's Instagram page and YouTube tutorials for tips on how to get her killer looks!