One Woman Shows off the POWER of Makeup

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One Woman Shows off the POWER of Makeup

This is a transformation you have to see to believe.

YouTuber Nikkie posts new beauty videos every Wednesday and Sunday on her channel NikkieTutorials, but this week, Nikkie posted a half-tutorial. Tired of a new trend that she calls "makeup shaming," Nikkie set out to show her followers and the rest of the Internet that makeup is fun and powerful, not just a way to hide insecurities. "I feel like lately makeup shaming has become a thing," Nikkie writes. "It's as if putting makeup on to have fun is a shame. Therefore, I thought it would be cool to show you the power of makeup." And show you, she does. Instead of doing a full-faced look, as she would usually, Nikkie only made up half of her face, leaving the other half clean and completely natural. The finished look was mind-blowing. 

Makeup isn't always about covering up what you don't like. For many, it is a hobby and a passion and an artform. Nikkie believes you don't have to be ashamed of that.

"By no means do I want to say that if you have insecurities that you should just slap makeup on, feel better, and never be content with your own self," Nikkie says. "I just want people to know that makeup is fun! And that there are no rules to makeup. And if you want to go for that super-sharp contour for the day, do it. If you want to go for a red lip and crazy-bold eyes, do it."