The Only Highlight Tutorial You Need to See

by admin

The Only Highlight Tutorial You Need to See

One beauty vlogger shows you how you can use highlighter for your entire makeup routine. (No, really.)

Over the past week, beauty vlogger Mariya has created a monster. A strobing monster, that is. In her most recent vid, she uses highlighter to create her entire look, and while she doesn’t recommend wearing the look for day-to-day (and neither do we), it’s a tutorial you need to see ASAP.

In this tutorial, Mariya uses highlighter as a blush, bronzer, foundation, eye shadow, mascara, lashes, a regular highlighter, a lip pencil, a liquid lipstick and even a lip highlighter. As you watch her apply highlighter in ways you never thought were even possible, please remember that you can get a gorgeous glow without going all out. In fact, we really recommend you use highlighter only as highlighter.

If you’re interested in giving this look a shot (don’t say we didn’t warn you), check out some of our favorite highlighter picks. A subtle glow is totally worth it, but making it this extreme is completely unnecessary unless you are hitting the runway, dressing up as a statue, or creating a Halloween costume months in advance.

Do you give this beauty look glowing reviews, or nah?