Our Favorite Celebrity Makeup Looks to Mimic

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Our Favorite Celebrity Makeup Looks to Mimic

Celebrities are great sources of inspiration when looking for new hair, outfit, and makeup ideas. Whether they’re glammed up for the red carpet or rocking an everyday look on the streets, they almost always look flawless. Who needs a makeup artist when you’ve got free blogger tutorials? From subtle similarities to full-on transformations, give these celebrity makeup looks a try.


Kim Kardashian Makeup



Kim Kardashian is famous—or some would say, infamous—for many reasons, but perhaps the most glowing reason is her flawless makeup. Her sculpting is the envy of makeup mavens around the world, but fret not, Kardashian Klanatics—can we coin that term?—you can emulate her contoured and highlighted look with this tutorial.


Lana Del Rey Makeup



Lana Del Rey has the retro bombshell look on lock. She focuses on her eyes with sultry liner and plumped-up lashes and keeps her face makeup mostly natural. Check out this tutorial to get the look. Warning: The video is in Russian but no worries! The visuals are easy to follow.


Kylie Jenner Makeup



We love a strong lip, and Kylie is notorious for her plump pucker. Mimic her everyday look by filling in your brows and rocking a bold lip color. You can tone down the rest of the makeup for a more wearable look, or go all glam with lush lashes for a night out. Check out how to get the look here.


Lily Collins Makeup



Put down your tweezers! Bold brows are beautiful (not to mention the envy of those less, er, follicled). Stars like Cara Delevingne, Camilla Belle, and Lily Collins have rocked full brows for years, and now you can get their look. Watch this tutorial to mimic Lily Collins’s full brows and neutral face makeup.


Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Makeup



Sultry, smokey eyes are an MK and Ash staple. The twins rock the polished grunge look, and it’s super-easy to re-create. Tip: Keep your skin dewy and bright to maintain this fresh look and avoid looking dirty. Get the full tutorial here.


Taylor Swift Makeup



TSwift appears to hardly wear any makeup—like, maybe a dab of concealer, coat of mascara, swipe of liner, and signature pop of red lips—which makes her look easy to mimic. Follow this tutorial for an everyday look, and amp it up for night by bringing more drama to your eyes with bolder lashes and thicker liner.


Blake Lively Makeup



Blake’s perfectly beachy hair has long been the envy of the DC office, but lately we’ve been obsessing over her fresh and dewy makeup. Lively keeps her look light, choosing to enhance her natural beauty rather than accentuate one specific feature. Though in Swedish—sorry, it’s just too pretty to pass up!—this tutorial nails Lively’s natural makeup look. Can’t follow along? Check out this tutorial in English.


Mila Kunis Makeup



Mila Kunis is a babe. That’s a verifiable fact, right? Though she’s a natural beauty, she typically enhances her almond-shape eyes with strong, smoldering makeup. Check out this tutorial when you’re looking for inspiration for a hot date or night out on the town.


Julianne Hough Makeup



Another dewy and fresh look, Julianne Hough’s makeup is perfect for everyday. The key? A moisturizing CC or BB cream. Check out this video for a step-by-step guide to perfecting Julianne’s natural makeup. (Is it just us or does this girl have EXACTLY the same eyes as Julianne?)


Kate Middleton Makeup



The Duchess of Cambridge took the world by storm when she and Prince William announced their engagement, and then broadcast their wedding, and then had the world’s cutest baby—wow! From her perfectly proper wardrobe that would please even Queen Clarisse Renaldi, (are we mixing up our royal families?) to her coiffed hair and fresh face, Kate Middleton is an icon of all things beauty. Check out how to steal her look here.


Lauren Conrad Makeup



Who better to show you how to perfect a cat-eye than the fiercest feline herself? LC rocks a flirty and feminine cat-eye for the everyday, and, in true LC fashion, she shared her secrets here. Wear it with a bit of mascara and blush for a fresh, light look, or swipe on a richly hued lipstick to really make your beauty pop.


Jessica Alba Makeup



The bronze goddess isn’t afraid to play with her looks. Though she needs little help in the beauty department, she has been known to incorporate a bit of contouring, sex up with a smokey eye, or rock bold lip colors. This tutorial is a bit more of a heavy transformation, but you can mimic the parts you like—such as the smokey eyes—and continue with your normal makeup routine for the rest.