This Patriotic Makeup Look Will Light Up Your Fourth Of July

by admin

This Patriotic Makeup Look Will Light Up Your Fourth Of July

Aspiring MUA Katie Bright was inspired by the dot eye makeup trend to create an explosive look for this year's holiday!

While my Fourth of July outfit might look effortlessly flawless every year (LOL, okay in my head maybe), I will be the first to admit that plenty of planning and strategizing goes into it. And don't even get me started on finding that perfect Independence Day swimsuit. But it turns out that maybe I've been focusing on the wrong things all along. Aspiring makeup artist Katie Bright is officially bringing the patriotic party to her makeup, and I've never felt more excited for July!

The 18-year-old recently posted photos on Instagram of legit firework-looking makeup on her face, and you'd be silly not to be totally jazzed by it. Bright was inspired by the dotted eyeliner trend to use liquid lipstick and eyeshadow to create the gorgeous explosion-lookalikes. By using the rounded end of a makeup brush and working her way inward with each of the colors, she could create perfectly uniform dots, and the bold, royal blue lipstick was definitely the cherry on top to finish off the striking makeover.

Now from afar, you might be fooled by the coloring. However, Bright shared that her face is actually dotted with orange "fireworks" and not red, but TBH, I still think it looks patriotic AF.

The Fourth of July might seem far away right now, but it will be here before you know it. And this year, instead of focusing on the perfect outfit, it's all bringing that USA pride to your makeup. (Okay, and it's still also about the outfit.)

Check out Katie's Instagram for more of her crazy awesome makeovers!