Pretty, Please! Date-Night Makeup

by admin

Pretty, Please! Date-Night Makeup

The date-night makeup products I can’t get enough of…for this week, anyway.

Date night.
You get all gussied up and purty, and then you end up slobbering it all off. Or maybe you apply your eighteen layers of lip gloss, and then your date is afraid to put the moves on you, for fear that your mouths might get cemented together. Or! Worst of all, you swirl your hair and shake your groove thang, get lucky, and then the next time you look in the mirror you look like a feral raccoon.
Like I said. Date night. Amiright?
Not that I’m some sort of professional maker-outer, but these products are my go-tos for nights I need my makeup to take some, umm, abuse.

Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint, $24—When your lips are matte, they seem more kissable than when they’re all slippery and slathered with shimmer. This soft, chunky pencil creates a colorful look that stays put.
Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes Mascara, $27.50—Just a few swipes gives you lashes for days—no smudges.
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation, $36—The ultimate smooth canvas…Apply this full-coverage foundation and set with a light powder. Perfect in natural light or candlelight, and it passes both the covers-imperfections test and the looks-natural-up-close test.
Oscar de la Renta Live in Love Eau de Parfum, $58—Why is it so hard to find a grown-up fragrance that’s delicate and feminine, but doesn’t make you smell like a jellybean? This one is sophisticated and elegant. So alluring.
Becca Mineral Blush, $28—Apply to the apples of your cheeks; this blush contains micro-particles of gold pigment that create a luminous glow. Your date will think you’re flushing with anticipation.