Pretty, Please! Liquid Liner Pens

by admin

Pretty, Please! Liquid Liner Pens

The liquid liner pens I’m coveting…for this week, anyway.

I am the queen of the splotch. Whenever I attempt to draw a circle, a straight line, adorable puppy, or a postmodern interpretation of Guernica, it pretty much comes out looking like… a splotch. That’s because I am completely, totally, unforgivably untalented in the art department. This means that my liquid liner skills have always been subpar at best.
But no more! Finally, makeup companies decided that even those of us who are artistically incompetent deserved to wear smokin’ hot liquid liner, so they put it in an idiotproof pen.
How did a concept so simple take so long to arrive? The new crop of liner pens have felt tips and clean fluid liner that applies easily and dries quickly. No painting, no dipping, no gunked-up brushes. They’re so simple to use that I’ve decided to venture past the traditional cat-eye liner look into navy, green, and glitter versions. It’s a brave new splotch-free world. 

NARS Eyeliner Stylo—Sleek, classic, and modern, this pen is the Helvetica of the makeup world. (Don’t you just love font jokes?) Always a perfect choice, and worth every penny. ($27, Narscosmetics.com)
Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen—This one has the teensy-tiniest point, perfect if you’re the type who likes to add flourishes and curlicues. ($22, Sephora)
Mirabella Magic Marker Eyeliner—The smoothness of Mirabella’s slate gray version is a perfect daytime alternative to stark black. ($24, Mirabellabeauty.com, available February 2013)
NYX Cosmetics Felt Tip Liner—Waterproof, but still removes easily. ($8, Nyxcosmetics.com