Pretty, Please! Purse Essentials

by admin

Pretty, Please! Purse Essentials

While carrying around your entire makeup arsenal might not be practical, there are a few makeup products that are essential to have in your purse at all times.

The reason I have neck, back, and shoulder problems? My purse. I carry a lot of makeup in it. A Lot. Besides the seven or eight emergency lipsticks (one never knows when one is going to need a lipstick or what color it should be, so it’s best to bring several options), I keep an emergency mascara, some emergency blotting papers, whatever nail polish I’m wearing (for touch-ups), and a handful of hair ties and clips.
But then there’s my core supplies…these are the things I simply can’t live without. The things without which I’d be lost. And messy. They’ve proved themselves over and over again and toting them around is worth all the pains, sprains, and acupuncture bills they cause me.

Maybelline Shine-Free Loose Powder—The best, the original, the ultimate. There’s no need to invest in a powder that costs five times as much—you’ll never find anything that de-shines better. ($5.49 at Drugstore.com)

Sephora Collection Pro Natural Powder Brush #40—Sephora’s brushes are a secret delight—hardy, useful, and economical. #40 is perfectly purse-sized. ($34, Sephora.com)
Brush Guards—The problem? Carrying a brush in a purse pocket is pretty abusive; it causes the paint to chip off the handle, the bristles to fall out, and the whole thing to develop a thin layer of funk. Solve the problem by sliding a brush sleeve over the bristles after you use it. ($5.50 for a variety pack, Birchbox.com)
Studio 35 Nail Polish Remover Pads—When a mani chips, the best thing to do is leave it alone, not pick it off flake by flake. Guess which one I usually do? I always keep remover wipes handy for polish emergencies.  ($3.99 for 10, Walgreens)
Tokyo Milk Objects to Desire Flat Pocket Mirror—What is it about a lovely compact that makes applying makeup feel so much more exciting?  I love Tokyo Milk products for their pretty packaging. ($9, Beautyencouter.com)