Product Review: Heir Atelier Ultimate Makeup Prep

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Product Review: Heir Atelier Ultimate Makeup Prep

Primer has become an essential part of our makeup routine, especially for those of us who are beauty obsessed! I think we can all agree that no matter how incredible your makeup might look, a good canvas to begin with is an absolute must.

The one comment I get the most is, “Your skin looks so flawless!!” That’s because the products I do the most research on and investing in are skincare products. But besides having a stellar skincare routine (Me? I practically pickle my face at night before I go to bed. Takes a while, but it’s worth it!) it’s important to have a solid makeup primer in your arsenal to create a healthy environment for your makeup to live on.

My latest discovery in makeup primers is the Heir Atelier Ultimate Makeup Prep, created by professional makeup artist Kendra Richards. It’s a pretty lofty statement to call a product an ‘ultimate,’ but in this case, the title is well deserved. I would call this product a primer and a skin treatment in one, considering it packs Vitamins C & E, peptides, and Jojoba Oil among other ingredients, and it smells like eucalyptus! It’s really an all-in-one product.

"The easy-to-use bottle features a twist up nozzle for quick, no-mess application."

Being an individual who absolutely has to apply moisturizer before makeup application because of my dry skin, I was hesitant to try out the Ultimate Makeup Prep serum sans moisturizer. I was shocked at how hydrated my skin looked and felt after I applied the serum and gave it a minute to soak in. My makeup looked more flawless than ever! It’s remarkable how much this stuff transforms the look of makeup given that it’s such a lightweight serum and not a heavy cream like many primers can be.

To use, apply to your clean face and give it about one or two minutes to work its magic. (You can enjoy the lovely scent while you wait!) Then go right ahead and apply your makeup and be prepared to marvel at your face.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, over time, the Heir Atelier Ultimate Makeup Prep actually made my skin better. And to top it off, as soon as I put it on it makes my skin feel incredibly refreshed, almost like a super quick spa treatment! Who doesn’t love a multi-tasking beauty product these days?

Check out Heir Atelier to learn about this perfect primer. 

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