Product Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty

by admin

Product Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty

I love me some Marc Jacobs. Any of it and all of it. I lust after his bags every time I go into a store that carries them, and I have a pair of his shoes that were way out of my budget, but far too cute not to buy. So you can imagine my excitement when word broke awhile ago that Marc was coming out with his own cosmetic line that would be carried at Sephora. I think I squealed at a decibel level that only dogs can normally hear. And now finally, FINALLY, it has arrived in stores. And it’s glorious!


There are a lot of different products in the line, but since I'm obsessed with nail polish at the moment, let's start there. There are 24 diffferent shades of the Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquers and I kind of want to own them all.  The bottles are a super cool shape—curvy and meant to resemble a smile—and I really like the brush in them. It gives you good coverage without getting too much polish on it at once.  It's only when I use a bad brush that I remember what a difference having a good one makes, and these are some of the best.  I've tried two shades so far: Glinda, a super sparkly silver glitter, and Evelyn, an opaque smoky dark grey.  Both of them are so, so pretty. I have Evelyn on my fingers for a classic look and Glinda on my toes for some bling bling in my summer sandals and it's the perfect combo. I'm also dying to get my hands on Sally, a blackened iridescent green, but my Sephora was actually already out of it, so I'm going to have to take a field trip to the next closest one to snap it up. Field trip!

For lips, Marc has the Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyls in six shades. They're glosses, but with some serious, serious pigmentation—more than some lipsticks I own!  They also have this really interesting scent to them; it's described as a champagne-grape, which is a flavor I don't think any of my other glosses have, and it's kind of light and refreshing. I tried out No Regrets, which is a strawberry red.  It's very opaque and has great coverage—the perfect red for a night out—and it doesn't dry my lips out at all.  I do, however, have to make sure I'm in front of a mirror when I apply it because if I tried to fly blind on it, I'm quite sure I'd end up with a clown mouth.  But other than that, it's fabulous!

Marc also introduced four new seven-shade eye palettes called the Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Shadows.  (Eye-Con. I love it!)  I tried The Vamp, which is what I would call "going out shades."  It has midnight blue with iridescent shimmer, silver taupe sheen, matte off-white, metallic burgundy, metallic jade green, metallic golden brown and black with iridescent shimmer in it.  Such pretty shades and all of them with great color payoff.  And they come in such a great, slim palette—easy to tuck into your bag during the day or pack when you're traveling. Leave it to Marc to make even the packaging on all of these products as classic and sexy as possible.  Now if only I could afford one of his new bags to house all of these products in …