Product Review: Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

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Product Review: Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

If there is one thing Urban Decay knows how to do, it’s how to create lust-worthy, crazy-in-demand palettes. When it comes to the top must-have palettes, it’s almost always an Urban Decay creation. The Vice 2 was no exception this year.

The first Vice palette was so popular that it rapidly sold out last year and was never seen again. When Urban Decay released the Vice 2 palette, many diehard fans, myself included, couldn’t pass up this one.

Packed with vibrant, on-trend jewel tones and sexy neutrals, the Vice 2 is a versatile value with 20 limited-edition shades for $59. Urban Decay’s single shadows retail for $18 each so for the money, you’re getting a lot. The palette comes with a double-ended shadow brush but as with most brushes that come with, it’s not particularly useful.

The packaging is truly gift-worthy from the purple orchid print (no two are exactly alike) to Urban Decay’s signature UD set in jewels. The way the palette smoothly opens up is almost hydraulic. I love that they used a plastic material to hold the shadow pans rather than the cardboard some palettes are made with. The plastic is much easier to wipe clean and keep looking that way. The mirror inside is also big and luxurious.

Watch my quick Instagram video for a closer look at this palette.

The Colors
*denotes a favorite

  • Smokeout Black brown, decent pigmentation. Not particularly unique.
  • Lovesick Black with silver glitter, rich pigmentation, inevitable fallout. Works well with Shellshock for a smoky night out look.
  • Shellshock* Bright, silver. One of the most richly-pigmented in the whole palette.
  • Coax Metallic medium pink, not quite as pigmented as I’d like. I had to build this one a bit to get the color payoff I wanted.
  • X-Rated Matte, cotton candy pink.
  • Prank* Deep, teal shimmer. This is a beautiful, blend-able shade that I’ve created some lovely navy smoky eyes with.
  • Madness Cerulean shimmer, very nice pigmentation. Looks great with Prank on the outer corner.
  • Strike Pale, metallic gold. I’m confused as to why this is often described as pale yellow online as it is a true gold to me. A pale gold, but gold for sure.
  • Stash Golden-olive shimmer. For an olive shade, this is right-on. Just warm enough to play well with browns.
  • Poison* Awesome navy-tinged, black/brown with blue holographic shimmer. So blend-able, great pigmentation. I used this in one of my favorite evergreen smoky eyes ever.
  • Radar Very warm, golden brown with gold glitter. Good pigmentation and texture.
  • Damaged* A super gorgeous emerald/evergreen shade. Deep, rich pigmentation and velvety smooth to work with.
  • Voodoo A deep violet glitter that works well as a top coat for shadows or on it’s own. Blends awesome, looks gorgeous.
  • Betrayal A super cool duo-chrome that flashes both bright lavender and blue. Reminds me a lot of Urban Decay’s Omen.
  • Derailed Cool-toned taupe shimmer. I wasn’t excited about this color simply because I have many others like it.
  • Dope Vanilla with mild shimmer. This color isn’t as pigmented as I’d like but it makes a nice inner corner highlight.
  • Toxic Perhaps my greatest disappointment. Although I wouldn’t buy a $59 palette just for one color, it was definitely the first one I was attracted to and the one I was most excited to try. The color works if applied with a wet brush or really built up, but at first sweep, it’s rather powdery. The lovely rose gold you see in the pan isn’t quite attainable sadly.
  • Habit A matte wheat color that shows up minimally on most skin tones. Nothing earth-shattering but nice texture nonetheless.
  • Ambush A coppery brown shimmer with nice pigmentation and feel.
  • Rewind A matte ash brown that is well-pigmented and nice for a crease transition color. Some people might be able to swing this as a brow powder as well.

Final Verdict
Urban Decay doesn’t make bad shadows or palettes. They just don’t. If you have the Nakeds, and want a shot of rich color for the holidays, you’ll love it. If you have the previous Vice palette, or perhaps one of the Book of Shadows, you may not need it necessarily, but to be honest, who really needs more eyeshadow? Eyeshadow palettes like the Vice 2 provide options and inspiration and we can all appreciate that!

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