Pucker Up: Ivy’s Favorite Winter Lipsticks

by admin

Pucker Up: Ivy’s Favorite Winter Lipsticks

This is my favorite time of year to really put the focus on lips. Nights are darker and colder, holiday parties are popping up, and there’s something super gorgeous about a bold lip against a snowy cityscape.

With drier air surrounding us, you’ll want your lipstick formulas to be more hydrating and buttery. We all know that a fabulous lip color can be ruined by dry, flaky lips!  Tip: To remove the dead skin, dip a wet finger into white or brown sugar and scrub it across your lips. This will remove those flakes and leave you with a clean, lipstick-ready kisser.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite lipsticks for the winter months broken down by colors. This is your guide to the best-of-the-best in lip color this season.

The Darks
I can’t get enough of these sexy, dark hues. I'm coveting this black cherry lip color.

The Nudes
Nudes never go away. These formulas are super creamy and feel great on.

The Brights 
Don’t abandon the bold colors just because it gets dark at 5 p.m. I love purple berry shades, vivid pinks and hot orange, even in these cloudy, cold months.

The Reds
Red never dies, although it can get a little more wine-colored. I love the following reds for their more dramatic nature.

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