Sailor Moon Makeup Products Will Have You Fighting Evil By Moonlight

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Sailor Moon Makeup Products Will Have You Fighting Evil By Moonlight

In the name of the Moon, us mortals are being blessed with Sailor Moon-themed makeup that's chock-full of nostalgia and plenty of girl power.

Growing up, there was only one super girl who graced our Sunday morning TV screens, and her name was Sailor Moon. Clad in a futuristic variation of a Japanese schoolgirl's uniform, this blonde-haired, blue-eyed, ass-kicking heroine practically defined female comic book characters for girls of the 1990s.

Really, who didn't want this girl's crazy hairdo and mystical powers? Though the Sailor Moon franchise hasn't released any new shows or comics in years, one makeup brand is reviving our love for the iconic space princess with several new makeup products.

Japanese makeup brand Creer Beaute recently launched their line of Sailor Moon makeup products, and it has everything your inner superhero needs, from an eye shadow palette to a variety of facial cosmetics and eyeliner!

Any heroine couldn't resist those pink shades, and you also won't be able to turn away from this Moonstruck Liquid Eyeliner.

Moonstruck Liquid Eyeliner

How about some gorgeous Miracle Romance Makeup Powder?

Miracle Romance Makeup Powder

There's even a collection of makeup brushes sure to make your inner '90s child squeal with joy!

Sailor Moon Cheek Brush

And just in case your favorite Sailor Soldier isn't the titular heroine herself, there's an even a nail collection that features every Sailor's signature color!

Sailor Moon Nail Collection

While we're positively dying to get our hands on each of these spectacularly nostalgic products, they're currently not available in U.S. stores just yet. But fret not, you can purchase a select few through Bandai's Amazon store.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to get your best gal pals together, fight some evil and look freaking amazing at the same time!