This Secret Artist Will Teach You How To Get Instagram’s Wildest Makeup Looks

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This Secret Artist Will Teach You How To Get Instagram’s Wildest Makeup Looks

Mysterious Instagram artist Sergey X (@milk1422) posts facecharts for others to try, and they're insanely cool!

Some of your favorite makeup artists from all over the world, including our fave James Charles and Michael behind @morphinelovemua, and Linda Hallberg are trying out some of the most colorful looks on Instagram, and they all happen to be created by the same, mysterious person.

Every few days, Instagram artist Sergey X, aka @milk1422, posts an elaborate face chart that would rival even the most colorful of kaleidoscope views. Within hours, makeup artists respond to the face charts with their nearly exact IRL replicas of the look, down to every itsy bitsy, cartoon-like detail.


"inspo from the wonderful @milk1422," James Charles captioned this day-to-night recreation.


"Couldn't help but recreate another one of @milk1422 facecharts," Makeup artist Katy DeGroot (@lustrelux) wrote.

Many of his looks include things like rainbow freckles and colored brows that we've seen popping up all over our Instagram feeds, transforming into totally wearable versions of the trends.



"So much fun re-creating this face chart ! Thank you @milk1422 for the inspo! 😘" makeup artist @kissedbyken captioned her recreation of X's colorful look. 



And with this kind of popularity, you'd think we'd know more about Sergey X. However, even with 213,000 followers, aside from the occasional picture of his hairless Sphynx cat and that he is based out of Moscow, he tends to keep his life and background mysterious. TBH, we've never even seen his face!

Not only can we totally respect X's right to keep his life out of the public eye, we (along with the rest of Instagram) 100 percent respect his insane abilities.


"This was indeed challenging, but that's how you learn right?" makeup artist Tina Lyra (@kvestina) wrote about the look.

Feeling up to the challenge? Check out X's Instagram account to try one of his crazy awesome looks out for yourself, and don't forget to tag him when you're done. It will be a doozy, but the insanely awesome results will be totally worth it.