Seeing Spots? How to Cover Blemishes for Good

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Seeing Spots? How to Cover Blemishes for Good

We all get blemishes every once in a while, so having a few concealing techniques in your back pocket is helpful. We've compiled a set of instructions to teach you how to cover blemishes and keep you feeling confident in your skin. With these tips, you'll be looking picture-perfect even if you didn't wake up that way.

How to Cover Blemishes

You're skating along in life, just starting to feel the teensiest bit confident about your skin, and bam! — a big blemish shows up to ruin your day … or week. You're like, "Um, excuse me? Who invited you?!" Now you can kick that blemish right out of the party with a few simple steps in your makeup routine. Once you know how to cover blemishes, you'll laugh in their face when they pop up on yours.

Master these blemish-blasting techniques with this video:




Or follow these simple instructions:

1. Learning how to cover blemishes is very simple. Your first line of defense is a green color-correcting concealer. Because green is opposite red on the color wheel, placing green atop red neutralizes the color. Dip a dense stippling brush like the e.l.f. Studio Contour Brush into a green concealer like the one in Temptu's S/B Neutralizer Wheel, and carefully stipple directly onto the blemish. Take care not to apply beyond the blemish. We want to apply only to the red area.

2. Next, apply your foundation with a flat top kabuki brush, which will allow you to get maximum color payoff. I am using Beauty Junkee's Flat Top Kabuki and gently tapping onto the skin.

3. Now, dip your domed synthetic brush into a high-pigment concealer like Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer. Stipple directly onto the blemish, lightly tapping with your finger to blend. When using a full-coverage concealer, you'll need only the tiniest amount, making your concealing undetectable. Apply two layers if needed.

4. You'll definitely want to set all of your hard work with a translucent powder. Make sure you apply in patting and pressing motions so as not to disturb your concealer placement.

Poof! That blemish didn't stand a chance. Now, the next time a blemish tries to bum your flow, you'll know exactly what to do.

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