This Selena Gomez-Inspired Makeup Guide Will Make You Look Hot AF

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This Selena Gomez-Inspired Makeup Guide Will Make You Look Hot AF

Selena Gomez is easily one of the biggest beauty influencers today. Luckily, we found a tutorial that makes getting her glowy makeup look like a breeze.

Selena Gomez is easily one of the biggest fashion and beauty icons today, as evident by her 100 million+ Instagram followers. Her selfies are seriously amazing, and her beauty routine finally seems attainable thanks to YouTuber Tanya Burr.

With her step-by-step tips to nailing Selena's Instagram-worthy photos, Tanya makes this natural, glowy look totally simple. This is officially our new go-to look for fall.

Step 1: Apply Foundation Plus Illuminator



Start off by using your favorite foundation as a base, but Tanya recommends adding a little bit of illuminator to get Selena's gorgeous glow. In addition, she suggests using a blush brush to apply the foundation since it leaves the skin with a more natural base.

Product to try: NARS Illuminator

Step 2: Fill In Those Brows



Use a pencil, shadow kit, etc. to nail Selena's gorgeous full brows.

Product to try: NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Step 3: Swipe Some Shadow



Pick a shadow with peachy brown undertones, and apply the first layer using a fluffy shadow brush. Then swipe a darker brown shadow on the outer edges of the eye, blending it into the crease.

Product to try: Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection

Step 4: Blend Liquid Liner



Use a thin line of liquid liner just along the upper lash line, and blend it in using a clean brush.

Product to try: Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner

Step 5: Curl Lashes And Apply Mascara



Curl your lashes and apply your fave curling mascara to get full lashes, no falsies needed.

Product to try: Sephora Collection Outrageous Curl Dramatic Volume And Curve Mascara

Step 6: Bronze And Blush



Add some color with a cheery pink blusher and bronzer applied on your cheekbones and hairline.

Product to try: Benefit Rockateur Famously Provocative Cheek Powder

Step 7: Top It All Off With Coral Lipstick



Our (arguably) favorite part about Selena's look is that peach pout. You can't go wrong with this shade!

Product to try: Armour Beauty Nina Opaque Lip Gloss

Seriously, it's as easy as that!