Small Batch Beauty Brands You Need to Try

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Small Batch Beauty Brands You Need to Try

Everywhere we look, small batch beauty brands are taking the manufacturing process into their own hands to ensure the products are fresh, natural and beautiful. These products are not only good for you and the environment, but their packaging is to die for. Here are our favorites.


Tata Harper Skincare



Based and manufactured in Vermont, this small batch beauty brand prides itself on “doing things differently.” They strive for having anywhere from nine to 29 ingredients (100 percent natural and non-toxic) in every product and they make everything by hand.


Be Adored Lip Tint



Get ready for the day with this anti-aging lip tint. Spanish lavender, rhubarb, acai and green tea oils along with other skin-saving ingredients work together to create this unique formula.

Be Adored Lip Tint, $29, Tata Harper Skincare


Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint



A time-saving tint in a perfect shade of pink makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. Use a dab on your lips and cheeks for a healthy, natural flush.

Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint in Very Charming, $36, Tata Harper Skincare


Love Potion



With one spritz of this romantic fragrance you’ll fall in love with notes of jasmine, orange peel, rose and violet leaf, among the other signature ingredients of this best-selling scent.

Love Potion, 10 ml, $80, Tata Harper Skincare


S.W. Basics



Based in Brooklyn, New York, S.W. Basics (or Sprout Wellness Basics) strives to use five ingredients or less in each of its products so your routine is simple and effective no matter what your skin type. With a focus on sustainability and using all-natural ingredients, get your credit cards ready because this small batch beauty brand is addicting, not to mention the prices are guaranteed to make your wallet happy.





Organic raw apple cider vinegar is the secret to the signature toner by S.W. Basics. Not only does the formula neutralize your pH level but it also helps to even out your skin tone. You can thank us later for your flawless complexion.

Toner, $22, S.W. Basics


Makeup Remover



The witty packaging alone makes S.W. Basics one of our favorites, and this makeup remover is no different. Strong enough to take off even the longwear stuff but gentle enough that your skin will love it, this product is about to become a bathroom essential.

Makeup Remover, $14, S.W. Basics





If you’re upgrading your entire skincare routine it’s important to start with a great cleanser. A gentle, non-drying, alcohol-free formula, this cleanser will keep your skin squeaky clean without the chemicals.

Cleanser, $22, S.W. Basics


Fig + Yarrow



Brandy Monique is the brains behind Fig + Yarrow’s sustainable manufacturing process. Their passion for natural ingredients and high quality formulas make this Denver-based apothecary one of our favorite small batch beauty brands. P.S. Yarrow is a plant, in case you didn’t know.


Basil + Cardamom Lip Balm



Pure essential oils create this powerfully moisturizing lip balm. Avocado seed oil and hemp seed oil add additional nutrients to ensure your lips will stay hydrated all day.

Basil + Cardamom Lip Balm, $12, Fig + Yarrow


Citrus Vanilla Sugar Scrub



Relax and exfoliate your skin with this nourishing sugar scrub. Natural mandarin and orange oil works together with pumpkin seed and coconut oil (plus vanilla!) to create this harmonizing blend.

Citrus Vanilla Sugar Scrub, $44, Fig + Yarrow


Facial Serum



Precious oils in this daily facial serum nourish your skin while improving your skin’s overall elasticity.

Facial Serum, $38, Fig + Yarrow


French Girl Organics



We told you the packaging was beautiful. You can purchase French Girl Organics (and believe us, you’ll want all of it) on Kristeen’s Etsy shop. With Cajun roots and a family history in the Languedoc province in the south of France, Kristeen has maintained her family’s legacy by creating handmade skincare products using natural and organic products.


Rose Facial Polish



Exfoliate your face using a gentle alternative to a facial scrub, like this rose facial polish, part of French Girl Organics’ Rose Collection. The powder gets in deep to get your pores squeaky clean while it clarifies your skin.

Rose Facial Polish, $22, French Girl Organics


Jasmin Body Oil



French Girl Organics took its signature fragrance line and created a line of all-natural body oils so you can enjoy the sensual scents while also hydrating your skin.

Jasmin Body Oil, $36, French Girl Organics


Menthe Sea Soak



Peppermint, French lavender and four varieties of salt create this relaxing and rejuvenating bath soak so you can relax at home after a long day with ease.

Menthe Sea Soak, $18, French Girl Organics





If you’re ready to take the all-natural route, take it to the next level by upgrading your hair products. YAROK Hair, which means “green” in Hebrew, is a company created by hairstylist Mordechai Alvow that prides itself in never testing its products on animals and supporting environmental causes.


Dry Shampoo



Refresh your hair and rejuvenate your style with this fresh, revitalizing dry shampoo. Organic arrowroot tapioca, organic aloe vera and French green clay are the secret ingredients of this must-have dry shampoo.

Feed Your Style Dry Shampoo, $18.50, YAROK Hair





When it’s finally time to hop in the shower, cleanse your hair with a gentle formula made with argan oil, organic coconut and organic hemp seed and enriched with vitamins.

Feed Your Moisture Shampoo, 12 oz., $39, YAROK Hair


Hair Serum



Be kind to the environment while giving your hair a healthy boost of shine with this finishing serum.

Feed Your Shine Hair Serum, $27.20, YAROK Hair





Another company with a logo we can't get enough of, Flynn&King is a beauty brand that is doing all natural skin care right. Founded by two fab ladies, Summer Dinh Manske and Corina McDonnell, in the heart of Brooklyn, Flynn&King specializes in luxurious, all natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced.


Balance – Facial Toner with Aloe and Rose Geranium



A toner guaranteed to improve the texture of your skin while keeping it soothed and hydrated, essential oils like lavender oil and Melissa oil make this formula a must-have.

Balance – Facial Toner with Aloe and Rose Geranium, $25, Flynn&King


Recover Balm – Orange Lavender



You can use this balm for more than just your lips. Apply to anywhere that needs healing, like cracked hands, feet, elbows, knees or cuticles. This balm will hydrate, sooth and soften your skin, plus the scent is amazing.
Recover Balm – Orange Lavender, $5, Flynn&King


Dope – Hemp and Matcha Green Tea Soap



A soap that’s high in antioxidants, lather up with this anti-aging formula that will even out any and all discoloration in your skin while promoting the growth of new cells.

Dope – Hemp and Matcha Green Tea Soap, $14, Flynn&King


Hynt Beauty



Luxurious and sustainable color and skincare cosmetics are here to stay with Hynt Beauty. On a mission to provide safe, quality makeup and skincare products, Hynt Beauty is your one stop shop for all things beauty.


ALTO Radiant Powder Blush



Create a soft, natural flush with this fine-milled peachy blush. Blend and contour away, your skin will thank you.

ALTO Radiant Powder Blush, $28, Hynt Beauty


SUITE Eye Shadow Palette



If you’re looking for an easy way to create a gorgeous day-to-night look, look no further than this pressed eye shadow palette.

SUITE Eye Shadow Palette, in Sweet Mulberry, $39, Hynt Beauty


ARIA Lipstick



Creamy and bold, this lipstick will keep your lips hydrated and fierce. Organic castor seed oil, jojoba oil and sunflower oil create a luxurious, anti-aging formula your skin is guaranteed to love.

ARIA Lipstick in Red Fervor, $29, Hynt Beauty


Aster + Bay



The Atlanta-based Aster + Bay was founded by Erin Hammond in 2012 and is currently run by Erin and her husband, Glen. Erin had an interest in botany, plant folklore and herbal alchemy, which led her to create this small batch beauty brand with everything from hair products to bath and body products.


Beet Root Hibiscus Lip Stain



Moisturizing, smooth, radiant color. That’s all you need to know about this refreshingly floral lip stain.

Beet Root Hibiscus Lip Stain, $10, Aster + Bay


Cleansing Oil



Organic macadamia oil, hazelnut oil, organic sesame oil and organic castor oil combine with a unique blend of essential oils to create this sustainable cleansing oil, perfect for getting your makeup off while penetrating deep into your pores to eliminate impurities.

Cleansing Oil, $28, Aster + Bay


Dandelion Face Grains



Take exfoliating to the next level with this anti-inflammatory, soothing formula created with dandelion root powder, licorice root powder, marshmallow root powder, hibiscus flower powder, myrhh powder, and frankincense powder, just to name a few of the standout ingredients.

Dandelion Face Grains, $30, Aster + Bay


Fat and the Moon



When creating Fat and the Moon, Rachel Budde wanted to stick to family traditions of natural healing. The somewhat provocative name comes from her appreciation of the word “fat”, which to her is in reference to oil, which serves as a healing agent, and an appreciation for the moon above.


Eye Coal



Tired of the sketchy ingredients they were finding in eyeliner, Fat and the Moon created a simple formula that offers rich and intense color you can customize using a makeup brush to create a soft sultry look or a defined look worthy of Cleopatra.

Eye Coal, $18, Fat and the Moon


Mermaid Mask



For dewy, glowing skin, look no further than this dry mask. Take one tablespoon and mix it with one cup of water to create a thick paste you can use on your skin or even in your hair.

Mermaid Mask, $16, Fat and the Moon


All Cream



The perfect blend of aloe vera, rosewater, shea butter and organic sunflower oil, this moisturizer works to tone and keep your skin hydrated. Apply a small dab anywhere and your skin will thank you for it.

All Cream $16, Fat and the Moon


VERED Organic Botanicals



Essential oils, plant oils and herbs are the ingredients that go into creating this NYC-based small batch beauty brand. An entirely handcrafted collection of products ranging from face products to fragrances, this line is engineered to be therapeutic and relaxing.


Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment



Restore UV-damaged, dry, aging skin around your eyes with this hydrating supplementary oil. Rosehip, pumpkin and carrot seed oils are the secret ingredients that prevent the signs of aging in this unique formula.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment, $68, VERED Organic Botanicals


Cacao Vanilla Beauty Mask



Get the luminous, soft and hydrated skin you’ve been searching for with this powerfully soothing formula. When you apply it, gently massage it in for one minute before leaving it on for an additional 10-15 minutes.

Cacao Vanilla Beauty Mask, $68, VERED Organic Botanicals


Blue Violet Perfume



An earthy, floral scent, this perfume is a calming and relaxing blend of violet, jasmine and yuzu.

Blue Violet Perfume, $98, VERED Organic Botanicals