The Stars Have Aligned For This Galaxy Lip Art Trend

by admin

The Stars Have Aligned For This Galaxy Lip Art Trend

We're (literally) seeing stars for the latest in lip trends: galaxy lip art.

The beauty world has been known to produce some out-of-this-world trends—literally. We're talking galaxy hair, galaxy nails (with hearts, even!), and now we've been blessed with, you guessed it, galaxy lip art. We're talking the whole nebula on your lips, people, and it's freaking gorgeous.



Beauty gurus and makeup artists all over social media are shooting to try the trend, and we can totally see why. YouTube beauty influencer Gina Box took the trend to her channel to give followers a chance to try it for themselves, and you won't want to miss out!

Step 1: Fill in both of your lips with a dark colored lip liner. Gina recommends black, but she used a deep burgundy that she already had on hand. Apply a black liquid lipstick over top of the liner.

Step 2: Using a metallic, powdered eyeshadow (the more galaxy-colored, the better!) lightly pat/buff the color over your lips.

Step 3: Taking two-three more metallic shades of your choice (Gina chose a bright purple, hot pink, and an army green), repeat step number two to make your look even more galaxy-like.

Step 4: Taking a shimmery highlighter, dot it across your lips to add some space-like shine.

Step 5: Use a pointed brush and a light concealer to apply tiny dots of "stars" to your look.

Step 6: GLITTER. Using as much or as little as you'd like, dot it sporadically across your lips to finish the gorgeous look!

Head over to Gina's YouTube channel for more insane looks, and check out the full tutorial below!