Stick-On Makeup Products We Love

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Stick-On Makeup Products We Love

Deep down, aren’t we all just bigger, breastier versions of our little-girl selves? And what’s the ultimate younger-self indulgence? Stickers! So what better way to marry a little-girl obsession with a grow-up-girl pastime than stick-on makeup? Stick-on makeup allows us to have fanciful designs on our nails, lashes, or lips, even if we still haven’t quite mastered keeping lipstick within the lines. These stickers and appliqués make makeup so easy, it’s like child’s play. I might even wear them with a tutu to work tomorrow, because Mom’s not around to stop me anymore.

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoo AppliquésUsually, fun and funky lip looks involve pounds of gloppy gloss. No longer—Violent Lips apply in seconds and stay on all night without smudging. ($14.95 for a set of three, Violentlips.com)

 Sephora by OPI Trend Tips—I’ve tried tons of nail decals, and these are the best. The designs (like cherry blossoms, leopard, or lace) are adorable, they’re easy to apply, and they last forever. ($12, Sephora)
Dior Velvet Eyes Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches—Pricy, but worth every penny if you need perfectly applied, Swarovski-crystal-bedecked eyeliner for a special occasion. ($59, Sephora)
Paperself Fashion EyelashesThese intricate silhouette-like lashes come in large sizes, which span the whole length of your lash line, as well as small ones to adorn the outer edge. Who doesn’t want eyes festooned with peacocks and seahorses? ($21.49, Paperself.com)
Face Lace Ready-to-Wear Makeup DesignsIt’s what you’d do with liquid liner…if you had even a smudge of artistic ability. These intricate cut-outs are available in mehndi-like patterns, masquerade-style masks and dozens of other, dazzling designs. (£13.95 and up, Face-lace.com)