Storybook Cosmetics’s New Rose Makeup Brushes Are Worthy Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’

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Storybook Cosmetics’s New Rose Makeup Brushes Are Worthy Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’

The company drew inspiration from English playwright William Shakespeare, but it sure looks like the Disney classic to us.

Storybook Cosmetics is back at it again, this time launching a bouquet of rose-inspired makeup brushes fit for a princess. The fabulous brand, also responsible for the whimsical Harry Potter inspired makeup brushes, recently announced its decision to launch a rose-inspired makeup brush set known as the "What's in a Name Rose Brush Bouquet."

While the concept screams Beauty and the Beast, the new line of brushes has nothing to do with the upcoming live action film. In fact, in an interview with Glamour the company revealed the true inspiration behind their romantic design: the famous quote from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. (Just when we thought makeup brushes couldn't be more magical.)

The cosmetics company treated us to a sneak peek of the product a few days ago on their official Instagram page, revealing that the set will be available online early this spring. Take a look for yourselves!

At first glance, it seems like the four brushes will help apply foundation, bronzer, blush and powder thanks to some gorgeous red bristles and green stem-like handles mimicking a rose. The Shakespearean era inspired "S" is also a great added touch.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not reveal the potential price of the set, but considering the Harry Potter makeup brushes sold for just $55, there's a chance the brush bouquet will be around the same.

Now all you have to do is set your iCal because these babies will probably sell out just as fast as Kylie's infamous Lip Kits. That, and wait extremely patiently.