This Stunning Eye Shadow Palette Shows How Beautiful Diversity Is

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This Stunning Eye Shadow Palette Shows How Beautiful Diversity Is

The Saharan Palette is inspired by African culture and flatters deeper skin tones.

Beauty and diversity band together as Juvia's Place launches its highly-anticipated Saharan Palette. Rather than sticking to neutral shades, this 12-pan palette includes colors that pop and look amazing against darker skin tones.


Up close . The Saharan Palette now available

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From the stand-out packaging to the vibrant color selection, the inspiration behind this palette is derived from Africa. "I'm originally from West Africa, which is a big influence on my ideas," brand founder Chichi Eburu told Refinery29. "We try to exhibit the beauty of Africa while appreciating its culture. Makeup is such a vital component of the African culture. You see makeup everywhere in Africa, some made out of natural plants."

Eburu's goal is to bring more inclusivity into the world of beauty by providing women of color more options to choose from. The need for this to happen is something she understands very well.

"It felt odd [walking] into the cosmetic store or drugstore aisle with so much excitement, only to [walk] right out with very limited products that actually work," she says. "It was quite a challenge finding fun products that spoke to me personally, but more importantly, products that were very flattering on deeper skin tones and women of color."

"In reality, I bought products that were popular, not necessarily because it complemented my skin tone beautifully. It was at that point I made a decision to make fun products that actually complimented me beautifully."

The Saharan Palette will be the fourth of its kind—each one created in the image of empowering African women and cultures.

"The Saharan Palette is about the nomadic tribe in West African Saharan Deserts called the Fulani People and Tuareg People," notes Eburu. The Nubian and Nubian 2nd Edition Palettes were created in honor of the Egyptian Empire and Queen Nefertiti—and the Masquerade Palette was inspired by another African royal goddess who embodies African festivities filled with amorous joy and spiritual activities.

The Saharan Palette launched on juviasplace.com yesterday and is selling for just $28. But be warned, like its sister palettes, it will probably run out pretty quick. Get your hands on these shades before it's too late!