Summer Music Festival Essentials: Lollapalooza Edition

by admin

Summer Music Festival Essentials: Lollapalooza Edition

Lollapalooza is just around the corner and we could not be more excited! But while you’re loading up your iPod with the concert lineup’s latest tracks, don’t forget to take a moment to consider what are summer music festival essentials to pack for a rockin’ beauty look.

1. An ultra metallic eye shadow will take you from the festival crowds to the Chicago nightclubs. I use this MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Guilt by Association ($21) as eyeliner, applied with an angled brush. The name is perfect for whatever fun Lollapalooza may bring.

2. The old adage “too much of a good thing” is always true when it comes to the summer sun. Apply a spray formula sunscreen multiple times during the day to avoid painful sunburn come Monday. Target’s Up & Up Sport Spray SPF 30 ($5.24) does the trick.

3. To keep your festival style together stay away from any products that will run and look sloppy. No one wants to be worrying about raccoon eyes when they should be swaying to the music and snapping pics. Ditch typical black eyeliner for a nude color like Laura Geller Beauty I-Care Eyeliner Waterproof Pencil in Bone ($18).  Not only will it stay in place, but it’ll also make your eyes look larger.

4. A headscarf or decorative headband is the perfect hair accessory to keep your hair in place and out of your face throughout the weekend. Goody Double Wear Headwraps ($9.99) are festival style perfection.

5. In the temperamental Windy City weather it’s hard to know if it’s going to be the beating sun or the pouring rain that will be battling with your makeup. Come out victorious with a "less is more" approach. Swap your foundation for NP Set BB Cream ($29). You won’t have time for touch-ups anyway.

6. Show off a sunny manicure while you’re waving your hands to the Lollapalooza lineups. I’ll be showing off ORLY’s Melodious Utopia ($8.50) while enjoying Lana Del Ray. But I think I’ll skip imitating her crazy pointy manicure.

7. After a long day freshen up with Pacifica Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes ($5.99). The smell is light and fresh, while the papaya acts as a natural exfoliant to rid your skin of all the dirt and grime from the day’s activities.

8. Festival beauty calls for light, sheer lip balms. NP Set Lip Balm in Baja Red ($10) adds the slightest touch of color with easy application. (I also love the balm in Capri Orange; it’s a tough choice.)