Tarte Cosmetics’ Athleisure Collection Is The Answer To Your Hot Mess Workout

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Tarte Cosmetics’ Athleisure Collection Is The Answer To Your Hot Mess Workout

With simple, sweat-proof products that are kind to your skin, you'll look effortlessly chic no matter what your day has in store!

Tarte's new Athleisure collection is about to change everything you know about wearing makeup to the gym.

Tarte Cosmetics

We all have our own preferences on the topic. As an early morning gym-goer, I'm partial to the just rolled out of bed, pineapple on top of my head look. However, if you're going for the "look good, feel good" approach, Tarte's Athleisure collection is the answer to all of your before, during, and after workout needs (or even just to look effortlessly chic while running errands!).

Tinted moisturizers with SPF, an illuminating moisturizer, a matte compact, a teeth-whitening pen, and a sweat-proof mascara are just some of the hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and vegan items available on Tarte Cosmetics' website (and on Sephora come December 20!).

"We like to think of it as the yoga pants of skin care," CEO and founder of Tarte Cosmetics, Maureen Kelly told POPSUGAR. "Do you know the feeling you get when you slip into a pair of great yoga pants? You have this quiet confidence — you know you look good and pulled together when you run out of the house."

While we're obsessed with rose gold makeup and Harry Potter eyeshadow palettes, we love that Tarte is giving us a collection that can fit our everyday needs, too, and that it's also kind to our skin! So next time you head to the gym, confidently grab your mascara wand knowing that you're not only going to be feeling fabulous when you're done, but you'll look it, too.