These 22 Magnificent Makeup Stations Will Inspire You

by Alyssa K. Priebe

These 22 Magnificent Makeup Stations Will Inspire You

Lights, artwork, organization—when they come together you get makeup magic. So instead of getting ready at a dreary desk, check out these 22 inspiring ideas and start designing the vanity of your dreams.


Every Element Matters


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From the chair you use to the lighting you install, every element in your makeup station plays a role in helping you create the best look, and Sophia Chang totally gets that. Be sure to pick styles that not only match your style, but also inspire creativity. Think about colors, fabrics, and even artwork. Anything goes!


Go for Gold


makeup stations


Metallic accents make your vanity stand out amongst a sea of black and white. We love how glamorous Anthropologie made this station look with a circle mirror and just the right amount of decor. Recreate her design for a vanity fit for a goddess.


Containers are a Girl’s Best Friend


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Hello organization! Don’t toss your makeup in drawers. Instead, invest in some cute clear containers like YouTuber Josiane Macieland and display them on your shelves or vanity. They look professional while still providing easy access to all your favorite products.


Keep it Simple



Go for a more modern approach with this sleek style from blogger, Paule M. A large mirror paired with a smaller desk creates a make-shift vanity you can easily work with.


All About the Shelves



We love how miss_aliicee takes advantage of extra wall space to frame this vanity. These shelves not only offer makeup storage, but you can also add hair products or even double this station as a desk if you don’t have enough room for both.


Small Space, No Problem



We don’t all have an entire room to dedicate to our makeup, no matter how much we wish we could. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get ready in a fabulous way. The Decorista shows you how to take advantage of vertical space using floating containers and tall mirrors.


Give Everything a Place



We can’t help but drool over this fabulous station from Makeup.Val. You can tell there are so many products in her collection, but there’s still zero clutter and everything appears to have its place. Now that’s the kind of organization you need.


Brush Central



Remember the specific use for each brush, no matter how complicated, by keeping them in groups. This design from I am Priscillale offers a lot of options, not to mention you could easily DIY it with your own containers lying around the house.


Put Up Inspiration



Impressions Vanity steps up the creative vibes by using an inspirational quote. You can hunt for any word or phrases that speak to you, just be sure you use wall decals with easy applications/removals—especially if you’re renting.


Black Makes a Statement



Vanity Collections provides an alternative to the ever-popular clear makeup containers—black storage containers. Invest in different sizes for each products and proudly display your favorite eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushes. You can also add a black vase of flowers to complement the area.


Try a Bookcase



Sometimes there’s simply too much stuff, but you can’t bare the thought of downsizing; we totally get it. But thanks to this nifty idea from The Beauty Acct, you no longer have to sacrifice. Simply convert a bookcase into an organized, classic beauty power area.


Selfie Station



Every beauty vloggers dream come true: a selfie makeup station. That’s right, simply pick out today’s featured look, set your phone in the wooden slot, and start recording your latest post. Keep this genius gadget from Shop Shizzap on your vanity and you’ll always be ready for the next tutorial.


Copper Accents



Looking for a new way to spruce up your makeup area? Trade in your brush holders and silver mirrors for copper accent pieces like Molly did on Mollerina. This look is timeless, but is definitely trending all over Pinterest boards.


Girly Paradise



Embrace your inner girly-girl by using a blush pink and white color scheme like they did over on Prelova Beauty and Health. Bonus points for fluffy pieces like blankets or rugs.


Try Eclectic



Sometimes the best way to show your personal style is to pick your favorite items and put ’em together. This idea from Miss Samantha Louise gets it right. Don’t think about the theme, think about YOU and you’re sure to end with something you love.


Variety of Holders



Don’t stick with the same organizational method for every little thing. Alternate your sizes and shapes like Like Neon Love does for a polished surface that never seems dull.


Go for Wood



Switch out the traditional metal or glass for some gorgeous wood like this vanity from You Need Decor. With floating shelves and a complementary color, this vanity is perfect for any vintage lover.


Theme It



Time Los Angeles decided to take a more literal approach with her station. And we love it! Everything from the pillows to the decor matches her theme and reminds you this is meant to be a fun activity.


Circle Touch



If rectangle mirrors are just too “square” for you, find a round mirror like dulcetrocaf did. It still provides you with plenty of area for getting ready, but it adds an element of glamour you don’t get from a standard design.


Keep It Separate



If you have the space, we recommend this Reddit user’s idea: create a separate area. You can use curtains or partitions, whatever your style, to give yourself a dedicated space. This idea blocks out distractions and keeps you focusing on what really matters, like the perfect contour.


Wine About It



Love wine? Love makeup? Well then you need these brush holders from Etsy. Made from wine tumblers and painted with bold lashes and kisses, they just beg to be part of your vanity station.


Go For Height



When space is limited, Better Homes and Gardens recommends building up. Start with a wider, stronger base and then pick complementary floating shelves, placing them higher and higher. Tip: Place less-used products at the top and skip any roller chairs for this one.