These Empowering Makeup Brushes Help You See Your Beauty, Inside And Out

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These Empowering Makeup Brushes Help You See Your Beauty, Inside And Out

Bdellium's #IAMFIRST makeup brushes are adding some much-needed positivity to our beauty routines.

In a world of Photoshop and perfectly drawn-in eyebrows, it can be hard to wake up feeling 100 percent confident in your own skin every single morning. But California-based makeup tool company Bdellium is coming out with a set of makeup brushes to help us enhance our beauty on the outside and feel it on the inside, too!

The #IAMFIRST brush set has empowerments written on each of the tools in order to remind us all of the importance of loving ourselves, first. Some of the affirmations include, "I Am Strong," "I Am Determined," "I Am Enough," "I Am Present," "I Am Loved," "I Am Ready," "I Am Confident," "I Am Beautiful," and "I Am Able" — all very true messages that we could definitely benefit from reminding ourselves of each morning.

"Makeup is an art and beauty is a state of mind," the brand states in the heartfelt campaign, and how absolutely perfect is that? We're so on board with everything about this 10-piece set. From the quality of the brushes to the quality of the messages, we're about to buy one of these for everyone in our families for the New Year!


For all my lovely followers who loves @bdelliumtools brushes and to feel #empowered. Available now for Pre-order on the #bdelliumtools website are their new #Limitededition #Studio Line #IAMFIRST 10pc. Brush Set with Brush Holder . The set retails for $75.00. The official launch date will be 1/13/2017. The I AM FIRST 10pc. brush set is a limited edition set that includes 10 best-selling brushes from the Studio Line. They wanted to create a set that seamlessly integrates empowerment with #positive and #motivating #affirmations to remind you to #love yourself, FIRST and foremost. With soft bristles and full-sized handles, this is the ultimate brush set to help make you look and feel amazing. Makeup is an art and beauty is a state of mind. Each brush is a makeup tool, but it also serves as a reminder of your best strengths. Brushes included in this set: 💥#980 Large Powder [I AM CONFIDENT] 💥#962 Slanted Blusher [I AM DETERMINED] 💥#957 Precision Cheek [I AM BEAUTIFUL] 💥#788V BDHD PHASE III [I AM ABLE] 💥#787 Tapered Blending [I AM STRONG] 💥#776 Blending [I AM ENOUGH] 💥#775 Duet Fiber Shader [I AM PRESENT] 💥#762 Angle Brow [I AM LOVED] 💥#735 Double Ended Brow Lash [I AM HAPPY] 💥#542 Bold Lip [I AM READY] I have the pink #bambu set with the pouch and a few of the green bambu #brushes and I love them. The #bristles are some and makes everything easy to blend. Who has #bdelliumtoolsbrushes ? What are you thoughts. As always Happy Shopping!!! Pic @bdelliumtools #beautyfxbyceleste#beautyblogger#makeupblog#beautyblog#ilovemakeup#wakeupmakeup#makeupobssessed

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The entire set can be purchased for $75 on the Bdellium Tools website. Pre-ordering is available now, but these encouraging brushes are only available for a limited time. Although makeup brushes may seem like such a simple idea, it's incredible what the smallest amount of positivity can do to your mindset and ultimately, your life.

And just in case you needed an extra reminder while you wait for their official launch on January 13: You are beautiful, you are strong, and you are most definitely enough!