These New Sailor Moon Lipsticks Show Off The Star You Are

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These New Sailor Moon Lipsticks Show Off The Star You Are

Japanese beauty brand Creer Beaute has released five shades of Sailor Moon lipsticks, and we can't handle the nostalgia.

Lately, it feels like everything from our childhood is reappearing in the form of makeup, and we have absolutely zero complaints. We could barely handle the Lisa Frank collab and the news of the Powerpuff Girls makeup collection had our cheeks hurting from grinning so hard, and now this beauty product is sending us over the top. Prepare yourselves and your lippies for Sailor Moon lipstick.


Sailor Moon Lipstick! 😍😍 Newly opened for preorder in Japan! Will be available in Japan in June. . . 6xxk. . Available in:. Sailormoon – princess pink Mercury – pink Mars – red Jupiter – beige Venus – orange. . For Sailor Moon items, please pre-order if you really like that item as most likely it will run out quickly and they may decide not to release it again. Furthermore, Sailor Moon has huge followings in Japan as well. So, be safe and preorder even if you have to wait for a while. . . . Available for PO. Contact us at WA +817012585045 or line at momijigirl. . . #jualsailormoon #jualsailormoonlipstick #jualsailormoonlipcream #jualsailormoonmoonstickrogue #jualsailormoonmakeup #jualmakeupsailormoon #jualsailormooncosmetic #jualsailormoonindonesia #jualsailormoonindo #sailormoonindonesia #sailormoonindo #sailormoonlipstick #jualmiracleromance #jualcreerbeaute #openposailormoon #posailormoon

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Japanese beauty brand Creer Beaute just added the nostalgia-inducing, five-piece collection inspired by the franchise's main characters, and we'll take all of them (please and thanks).


Early chrismast gift like it 💄 Thanks 🎁 #sailormoonmakeup #sailormoonlipstick

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The Moisture Rouge line includes a natural pink lipstick created after the OG Sailor Moon, herself. Alongside her is Sailor Mercury's pale pink shade, a bright red for Sailor Mars, a beige for Sailor Jupiter, and an orange hue for Sailor Venus. However, depending on the user's pH, the shades can transform colors! Which is only appropriate in representing these super-ladies.

Oh, and let's not forget the rad packaging that includes a different symbol in each lipstick cap to help you feel even more like your favorite character!

Creer Beaute

Creer Beaute

Creer Beaute

While these babies don't seem to be super-pigmented, you can bet your little pucker that they'll keep your pout moisturized. With ingredients like sunflower seed oil, macadamia seed oil, and hyaluronic acid, you'll be freshly glossed and smooth talkin' the rest of the day with one swipe.

Unfortunately, we'll have to keep admiring these uber fun lipsticks from afar for the time being as they aren't available in the U.S. just yet. Until then, go ahead and keep practicing these Sailor Moon makeovers and enjoying Creer Beaute's other SM cosmetics!