These Shocking Close-Up Images Of Makeup Brushes Will Make You Want To Clean Yours ASAP

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These Shocking Close-Up Images Of Makeup Brushes Will Make You Want To Clean Yours ASAP

One Reddit user is giving the internet an all-too-real reminder of how important it is to regularly wash your makeup brushes.

Things are definitely not always as they appear — for example, how clean your makeup brushes actually are. With the naked eye, your beauty brushes might look totally fine, but one Reddit user used a powerful camera lens to prove how important a regular wash schedule truly is.

GarlicPopTart | Reddit

Many of us brush aside the significance of cleaning our brushes on the reg, but user GarlicPopTart's pictures show us that not only can the tools become a serious breeding ground for acne-causing and skin-irritating bacteria, but it happens a lot quicker than we think. Above, we can see a photo of a powder brush after three weeks of being used and below, a blush brush after only two weeks! Yuck!

GarlicPopTart | Reddit

Most beauty experts recommend cleaning your brushes at least once a week, and though it might seem excessive, these photos show that it's totally necessary. Check out this foundation brush after only five days since being cleaned…

GarlicPopTart | Reddit

…and this eyeshadow brush after only four days!

GarlicPopTart | Reddit

Convinced, but not sure what the proper brush cleaning techniques are? We've got tips on how to get your brushes spick and span and ready to work!

Step 1: Rinse

Make sure to use lukewarm water. Try to not get any moisture above the bristles where it meets the handle or it could loosen the glue!

Step 2: Cleanse

While you can totally go out and buy some brush cleaner, it's definitely possible to get a good wash with materials you already have. We like to use a bar of soap and massage the brush against it. This will be sure to get deep into the bristles to get all of the hidden gunk.

Step 3: Rinse again

To get all of the soap out, once again rinse your brushes with lukewarm water.

Step 4: Lay out to dry

Using a dry cloth or paper towel, lay your brushes out to fully dry. If you're worried about keeping the shape and not flattening any of the bristles, use a table and let them hang off the edge!

Step 5: REPEAT

One week later, don't forget to repeat. May the above photos be a reminder how important it is to keep your makeup brushes clean and beautiful!