These Spooky Highlighters Arrived Just In Time For Halloween

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These Spooky Highlighters Arrived Just In Time For Halloween

We're temporarily putting aside our rainbow highlighters in lieu of this season's new Halloween-inspired shades!

While we're still not over our love of using rainbow highlighter to liven up our complexions, the Lisa Frank-lookalike is going to have to move to the back of the shelf for a couple of months due to the upcoming release of Bitter Lace Beauty's (the originator of the ROYGBIV-hues) Halloween-inspired highlighters.

On October 1, four metallic, multi-colored powders and a liquid cream will be released on BLB's newly-remodeled website — following in suit with this spooky season's most popular color combinations.

If you're quick enough to get your order in before they sell out, here's what you have to look forward to:

1. Hocus Pocus

This shimmering combination of purple, green and burnt orange hues truly does remind of us our favorite Halloween flick. Don't let the spider web stamp on top scare you away from this fall fave to be!

2. The Next Supreme

In a nod to American Horror Story: Coven, this slate-gray is complete with subtle appearances of green and purple. The colors look beautiful on display, but check out the swatch from BLB's insta — "stunning" doesn't even begin to describe!

3. Toothache

Tis the season for candy corn… on our makeup. With an imprint that's almost too pretty to use (keyword: "almost"), this combination of shades is about to be the most delicious look of the season.

4. Slay

From the presentation of the white-gold base with blood-red splatters all the way to the name itself, BLB killed every single aspect of this shade. No worries about the actual application, either. On the skin, the colors blend to create a rusted orange/gold hue, and you will most definitely slay in one of this season's signature colors.

5. I Put A Spell On You

In addition to its new powders, BLB is also introducing a scary-stunning liquid highlighter on their website. Complete with being packaged in a skull-shaped bottle, this silver-y shade is a must for every occasion.


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